Spectacular photo season

local_101813lakelife-2Web local_101813lakelife-3Web local_101813lakelife-4Web local_101813lakelife-5Web local_101813lakelife-6Web local_101813lakelifeWebThis is the time of year that anyone with a camera can find photographs that make you look like a pro. Just let Mother Nature do the work.
I was looking for interesting pictures this week, when I noticed some of the Halloween decorations that people were putting in their yards. Fantastic! Lots of fun spirit showing up all over the area. The scarecrows with the ghost coming out of the bushes on Woodridge are a good example of creativity. I can’t wait to see what other people might come up with.
As I looked closer, I found colors all over the valley. Along the river, the trees were just starting to change. The contrast with the green and red leaves is striking. Then, you spot a maple with solid red leaves. How can things appear more beautiful?
Last Sunday, there were several hot air balloons flying over town looking at the colors. That’s a treat that my wife and I did several years ago. The brightly colored balloons just added to the postcard, creating perfect pictures.
In contrast to the expectations brought out by all the color, the cooler weather is bringing out the mists hanging over the lakes and rivers. With the combination of the mist and the Halloween decorations in the area, one would almost expect to see ghosts wandering the area. I wondered if the geese swimming near the mist were aware of such concepts.
I woke up one morning to see my hanging bird feeder lying on the ground. When I checked it, it had been knocked off the hook, but the feed was still in the feeder. Odd? Did a deer check it only to be frightened off when it fell? Or, perhaps there are ghosts in the mist.
Later that day, we spotted evidence of another visitor. Overnight, someone had dug up a wasp nest buried in the ground near the lake. The amount of debris indicated it was a large nest. We had seen a large number of bees lately. However, we had no idea where the nest was. The wasps were probably docile with the cool air of the night. Was it the ghost or a raccoon? I only saw a few bees at the nest. I wondered how many times the “intruder” was stung. Can you sting a ghost?

David Fabio is a local author and nature photographer. His latest book “Water Pressure” can be reviewed at davidfabio.com.