Stillwater police help stop high-speed chase

SPD logo-1Stillwater police assisted in ending a high-speed chase that took place just after midnight on Saturday, Oct. 12

According to police reports, the St. Croix County Sheriff’s office was in pursuit of a black SUV going more than 100 miles per hour and wanted assistance with stop sticks on the lift bridge.

Reports state that the SUV hit stop sticks put out by officers and the sticks appeared to puncture all four tires. The vehicle continued to travel westbound turning northbound onto Main Street followed by numerous squad cars.

The SUV, driven by a man later identified as 53-year-old Desmond Anthony Mattis, crashed into a light pole on the 1900 block of Broadway Street North after losing control, authorities say.

Mattis was booked and held. A formal complaint for felony flee in a motor vehicle is pending.

Three thefts from cars  over weekend

Police received reports of three separate incidents of thefts from locked motor vehicles in the past few days.

On Monday evening an individual reported that her purse had been stolen from her car, which was parked in the UBC parking lot. Police reports state that the woman’s boyfriend had come to pick her up from work and the purse was stolen some time between 9:50 and 10:15 p.m. The thief threw a rock at the rear passenger side window, which shattered, and stole her purse, along with credit cards, a drivers license, an iPhone car charger and $6 in cash. The purse was visible on the seat. According to police reports, the victim’s boyfriend said he didn’t notice anyone suspicious in the parking lot before he walked down to pick up the woman from work.

Another theft involving a rock through a window took place Sunday on Main Street. A cement rock was thrown through the front passenger window of a car, and someone stole a woman’s purse from underneath the front seat. The thief also took multiple clothing items from the interior and trunk. The damage was the equivalent of a gross misdemeanor criminal damage to property.

The third theft occurred in a parking lot near Olive Street Sunday afternoon. The thief stole a digital camera, a shoulder strap bag and a set of keys from the victim’s car. The victim told police he had parked his car at 3 p.m. and returned to his car around 7:30 p.m. when he noticed that the bag was missing. The total value of the loss was $440. When the victim returned home, he called police and said that the rubber gasket in the right front window had been damaged, possibly from the source of entry.

Disturbance leads to charges

Daniel Scheel, 28, faces fifth-degree assault charges in connection with an incident that took place on Sept. 25.

Reports came in about several parties, two males and two females, yelling around midnight Sept. 25. The caller felt the situation could turn violent and notified the police.

Upon arrival, officers found that everything had calmed down and the parties were celebrating a birthday. After leaving the group, one of the men involved in the argument followed officers as they left the group and told police that he had been threatened by Scheel with a knife, which he said Scheel held to the alleged victim’s throat, though he had no physical marks from the alleged incident.

Scheel denied threatening the man but told officers the man had said something derogatory to his mother. Although his mother corroborated his story, she told officers that she did see Scheel pull out his knife and threaten the victim with it.
Scheel was arrested and agreed to speak with police and stuck to his story that he didn’t threaten the victim with a knife. He was then released.

No injuries from rollover

No injuries resulted from a single-car rollover Sunday morning.

A 62-year-old Grant woman rolled her car at Market Drive after turning and hitting a boulder or curb in the lot, which caused her vehicle to roll onto its roof. After being evaluated by EMS, it was determined that she didn’t have any injuries and she was taken home.

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