Trip through metal detector at courthouse ends in sentence


A 26-year-old man was sentenced last week in connection with an incident that took place at the Washington County Courthouse in Stillwater.

The man, identified in a complaint report as Anthony John Gomez, was sentenced to five years of probation and must pay a $200 fine plus surcharges and fees within 120 days.

The fifth-degree drug conviction comes after an incident on Jan. 7, when Gomez went through the metal detector at the courthouse and cleared out his pockets. Complaint reports state that the contents of his pockets included a baggie marked with an orange circle that contained white residue. Gomez told deputies that the baggie had contained meth and that he had used meth three days earlier. The substance tested positive for methamphetamines.

Gomez can opt to do community service in place of a fine and must not use drugs, must submit to random testing and must maintain gainful employment.

Man convicted of dangerous weapon assault

A Mahtomedi man was convicted of a dangerous weapon assault and was sentenced to 21 months with a $50 fine in connection with an incident that took place on July 16, 2012.

Complaint reports state that the man, identified in court documents as David Charles Johnson, attempted to break into his home after his wife locked him out. He appeared dazed when Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on the scene and told him that he and his wife had been arguing, that he had an ax and intended to cut off his wife’s head with it.

The wife told deputies that she and her husband had argued and that he had a history of mental health issues. Johnson had threatened that he was going to cut off her head before, but she didn’t contact law enforcement when these threats were made.

When she saw him walking toward the home with the ax, she bolted the door and began to grab knives to defend herself if he managed to break in the door which he was attempting to do.

When Johnson was taken into custody, complaint reports state that he told deputies that he had argued with his wife and that voices in his head, which he referred to as “the devil,” told him he needed to take care of the
situation, which was why he said he was going to cut off his wife’s head.

20-year old convicted of burglary

A 20-year-old was convicted of burglary in connection with an incident that took place on Jan. 2, 2013, in West Lakeland Township.

The man was identified in court documents as Jacob Kenneth Janacek. The victim, who was in the home when the invasion occurred, informed deputies that Janacek was seen taking off the snowmobile cover of one of their three snowmobiles. When the complaintant asked what Janacek was doing, he said he’d been in the garage to warm up.

Missing from the residence were a red Samsung laptop, a black Xbox and another Xbox in a bag. Also missing was a folding hunting knife and a pair of brown boots.

Deputies tracked down Janacek, who matched the suspects description, and found the items on him that were identified as belonging to the complaintant.

Janacek was placed on probation for 10 years and must pay a fine of $200, complete 20 hours of community service work, pay $795 to the victim and remain law-abiding.

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