Girls swimming and diving: Ponies rally for win over Woodbury


WOODBURY — The break for diving helped Stillwater regroup after a sluggish start and the Ponies quickly took control midway through Thursday’s eventual 94-87 Suburban East Conference girls’ swimming and diving victory over Woodbury.

The Ponies (7-0 SEC, 9-0) trailed 40-38 after five events, but took charge quickly while posting 1-2-3 finishes in the 100 butterfly and the 100 freestyle races to build a 64-46 lead.

“Between Woodbury swimming that well the top of the meet and us not doing as well, they were leading,” Ponies coach Brian Luke said. “We said we’d better step it up, and luckily we have the horses to do that so it worked out.”

Sophia Bisch (59.58), Mary Knaak (1:01.78) and Asia Neuman (1:03.05) occupied the top three spots in the butterfly while Kristin Erf (55.17), Kylie Burgess (55.23) and Ava Howard (55.38) followed with a similar sweep in the 100 freestyle to spark Stillwater’s rally.

“When you outscore them 26-6 in two events, that pretty much seals their fate,” Luke said. “During the diving break, I wanted to make sure we got things squared away. (Woodbury) had a good top half, but when their top kids get used they get thinner than we do, which showed up in the fly and the free. In the top half, they were right there with us.”

Woodbury outscored the Ponies in diving, but Liz Click delivered a stellar performance while posting a winning total of 253.10, which was not only a personal best but it also places her second on Stillwater’s all-time list, with only former state diving champion Maggie Keefer in front of the junior.

“That was great,” Luke said. “We have a dual meet dream team and she made that for the first time.”

The Ponies also received first-places finishes from Sophie Barnes in the 200 freestyle (2:02.76), Mary Knaak in the 200 individual medley (2:15.10) and Kylie Burgess in the 100 backstroke (1:02.10). Stillwater also won the 200 (1:42.99) and 400 (3:45.88) freestyle relays.

Stillwater showed off its depth while adding some new section qualifiers as well, bringing the team’s total to 40.

“We’re getting up to a record number on that, over half the team,” Luke said.


Stillwater 94, Woodbury 87

200 medley relay — 1. Woodbury, 1:52.47; 2. Stillwater (Abby Kunze, Sophia Bisch, Kristin Erf and Ava Howard) 1:53.57; 3. Stillwater (Kylie Burgess, Tiffany Vang, Mary Knaak and Asia Neuman) 1:54.13.

200 freestyle — 1. Sophie Barnes (St) 2:02.76; 4. Shenyn Gale (St) 2:05.82; 5. Abby Doeksen (St) 2:09.97.

200 individual medley — 1. Mary Knaak (St) 2:15.10; 2. Asia Neuman (St) 2:16.79; 4. Kate Gallagher (St) 2:23.63.

50 freestyle — 1. Brooks Taylor (Wo) 25.90; 3. Lauren Quickel (St) 26.66; 5. Kelsey Erf (St) 26.99; 6. Robyn Doughty (St) 27.63.

Diving — 1. Liz Click (St) 253.10; 5. Madeline Gilbert (St) 138.50; 6. Madeline Hafner (St) 125.55.

100 butterfly — 1. Sophia Bisch (St) 59.58; 2. Mary Knaak (St) 1:01.78; 3. Asia Neuman (St) 1:03.05.

100 freestyle — 1. Kristin Erf (St) 55.17; 2. Kylie Burgess (St) 55.23; 3. Ava Howard (St) 55.38.

500 freestyle — 1. Lucia Rizzo (Wo) 5:26.18; 2. Sophie Barnes (St) 5:26.31; 3. Kate Gallagher (St) 5:33.56; 4. Laura Ortmann (St) 5:34.02.

200 freestyle relay — 1. Stillwater (Tiffany Vang, Sophia Bisch, Lauren Quickel and Kristin Erf) 1:42.99; 3. Stillwater (Alex Howard, Kelsey Erf, Sophie Barnes and Anne Campbell) 1:48.87.

100 backstroke — 1. Kylie Burgess (St) 1:02.10; 2. Abby Kunze (St) 1:02.49; 5. Lily Mayek (St) 1:04.56.

100 breastroke — 1. Ana Sortland (Wo) 1:06.30; 2. Kristin Erf (St) 1:07.30; 4. Olivia Bloomquist (St) 1:16.83; 5. Greta Peterson (St) 1:17.31.

400 freestyle relay — 1. Stillwater (Mary Knaak, Kate Gallagher, Kylie Burgess and Ava Howard) 3:45.88; 2. Stillwater (Syenyn Gale, Sophie Barnes, Alex Howard and Abby Kunze) 3:51.46.


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