Give farm animals best possible life

My wish for the animals at Country Sun Farm.
I love fall for the colors. I dread fall for the animals at Country Sun Farm on Minnesota 36 in Lake Elmo. Most days of the year, the small open forts enclosed by wire are empty. But come fall, they are filled with sheep and goats. The animals are there for vistors. They are kept in a small space with minimal opportunity to nap peacefully, find shelter and graze.
I will never forget when it snowed before Halloween. As I drove past Country Sun Farm, I saw the animals huddled next to the shelter. There wasn’t enough room for all of them in the shelter.
My wish is that Country Sun Farm owners would not have animals that they can’t adequately take care of and protect. But I understand this may be a family tradition of Country Sun Farm. In that case, my wish is that someday I’ll drive past Country Sun Farm and I’ll see the animals grazing in open pasture. I’ll see a barn with enought shelter for all the animals. I will see that Country Sun Farm is a place where farm animals have the best possible life.

Eliza Severson