Education should always come first

Gaining a quality education is important, but we are falling behind. A quality education is both the quantity of information you retain, and how well you understand it. U.S. students have more access to technology, but lack motivation.
A quality education doesn’t require spending more time in school or more money. These factors are important, but motivation is essential. Students around the world who lack these factors, make up for it in drive. Students in Indonesia risk their lives for an education. The question isn’t how much more, but how well are we using our resources?
In my geography class, seeing a global perspective of education opened my eyes. Countries, even cities like Shanghai, are scoring higher than us. Tests do not reflect intelligence, but if we had a quality education, we would know the material on the tests. The purpose of getting an education is to be successful. Without good tests scores, what does that say about this generation’s employees?
My plan is to properly educate myself in the area of business I’ll pursue. If I want to be a lawyer, I’ll go to law school. I ask you to always know what you are doing. I ask you to stop being careless.
With the resources available, education should come first.

Molly Hurley