‘Be open . . .’

Life flows on daily like water rolling down a stream and there are times one should step back and be open to what’s around. (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Westerhaus)

“Most of us don’t have to worry about food, clothing or shelter. We have the luxury of worrying about a spot on our pants, or laughing too loud, or saying something wrong. We’ve developed this hypersensitive psyche and we constantly use our energy to close around it and protect ourselves.” — Michael A. Singer from “The Untethered Soul”

I love this quote this week. A lovely reminder to take a step back. Notice all the unimportant things you’re holding on to that you THINK matter, but really don’t. Remind yourself that this world, all that’s happening in your immediate life, isn’t all about you.

I have to remind myself daily to be open. To be more flexible, more understanding, more patient. With myself, more importantly, with others.

If you’re stuck here this week, focusing on the negative, stuck in a rut, Let go of what happened yesterday, the mistakes you’ve made, your second-guessing and self doubt. Challenge yourself to BE OPEN. To let down your walls and stop protecting yourself. To finally be good with who you are or start the work to become the person you WANT to be.

Liz Westerhaus is a Stillwater mother, dedicated photographer, writer, yoga instructor and founder of Moms of Stillwater. You can see her photography or follow her blog at www.westerhaus.com.