Double dog dare

Rappelling down skyscraper is a Bradshaw family affair

Bradshaw, JIm

The Double Dog Dare challenge in St. Paul Friday will have some familiar faces.
Seven members of the Bradshaw family will rappel 300 feet down the EcoLab building in downtown St. Paul to raise money for scouting organizations.

Sixty-nine year old Jim Bradshaw, a board member of the Boy Scouts of America Northern Star council, is participating in the event for the second time and might be the oldest person in the challenge.

“Everybody’s a bit apprehensive. I already know what it’s all about, but everyone else probably won’t be sleeping as well the night before. At least I hope I’ll sleep a little better than them,” Bradshaw said with a laugh.

After participating last year, Bradshaw heard the event was returning this year and quickly volunteered with the intention of getting some of his family members involved. What he didn’t know was family member Brea Bradshaw had signed up before him, so the two have been raising money separately while the rest of the family has raised money as a team.

“I have two daughters-in-law participating, my son is involved in it, and two grandsons who are Eagle scouts are participating. To participate in the event, we have to raise $1,000 each, so $7,000 total. So I’ve been out most of the day fundraising and talking with people.” Bradshaw said Tuesday.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Bradshaws have raised more than half of the $6,000 they need.

“Brea and I have passed our goals while the rest of my family still needs to raise the money. We’re hoping to have any extra money we collect to go to our family team. But we’ll all hit our goal by Friday, I don’t think they’ll have a problem with that,” he said.

Bradshaw looks forward to his repeat rappelling experience from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, which will finally result in a celebration of his wife, Jayne’s, 70th birthday.

“She’s not going to participate, but we’re having a cake ordered in for her.” Bradshaw said. “I have a couple of sons that are OK with their wives doing it but they are going to keep their feet on the ground.”

Bradshaw said the cause is important to his family because he feels scouting helps young people learn important life skills. The Northern Star Council has more than 70,000 youths — boys and girls — in the program, and Bradshaw believes raising money for the organization is important for the future. The Bradshaw’s themselves are very volunteer-concious, he added.

“My family and I all believe in volunteering,” Bradshaw said. “Both Jayne and I were involved in volunteering when the kids were younger and I think they’ve grown up knowing that if the community has been good to them they need to give back to the community. I think that for them in this challenge, the apprehension is one thing but the rest of the event is all about helping the community.”

To donate to the cause go to click on donate and type in The Bradshaws.

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