Man faces arson charges for fire at relative’s home

A Marine on St. Croix man faces arson charges in connection with an Aug. 21 incident at his grandparent’s residence.

Washington County Sheriff’s deputies were originally called to the home in the 16000 block of St. Croix Trail North to check on the man, identified in court documents as Kyle Christian Eagleton Gallagher, by his grandparents.

Responding deputies were notified by dispatchers that Gallagher was splashing gasoline around in the home and arriving deputies found the structure on fire and filled with smoke.

Deputies found Gallagher’s grandparents standing outside the home while Gallagher was inside the smoke-filled garage. A deputy pulled Gallagher from the garage and the fire was put out by multiple agencies.

The grandparents told deputies that Gallagher was filling a weedwacker with gasoline when they left their home for lunch. The couple said when they returned they found a large gasoline and gasoline-soaked paper towels on the garage floor, documents said. When the grandparents removed the items from the garage, Gallagher went into the home and allegedly doused the utility room and his bedroom in gasoline.

When the fire marshal inspected the scene, he determined that gasoline was poured throughout the basement laundry room, stairway to the main level and garage. Fires apparently originated in the stairway from the basement to the main level of the residence and the tops of the washer and dryer. Fire damage was noted throughout the main level of the residence and smoke and fire damage was noted in the interior and exterior residence.

Man faces assault and drug charges

A Stillwater man faces domestic assault and drug possession charges in connection with an Aug. 23 incident on the 1600 block of Linson Circle.

When Stillwater Police officers arrived on scene, they found the victim locked in her car to escape her boyfriend, identified in court documents as Anthony Michael Fisher. Documents said she told officers Fisher allegedly had been drinking since 4 p.m. the previous afternoon and became verbally and physically aggressive towards and told her to call the cops which made her fear for her safety. She told officers Fisher threw a chair at her vehicle after she locked herself in her car.

Court documents said officers met with Fisher and said he appeared visibly intoxicated, slurred his words and became belligerent with officers. Fisher claimed there was no argument, but he screamed at his girlfriend blaming her for his arrest. Officers found a small amount of marijuana buds in Fisher’s front pocket.

Court documents state that Fisher has a history of domestic assault-related offenses in Washington County in 2007, one in Ramsey County and multiple no-contact orders from December 2006 to February 2008 and January 2008. Court documents also state that Fisher has multiple convictions that involve mood-altering substances.

Inmate faces assault charges

A Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights inmate faces two assault charges in connection with a March 30 attack on a prison employee at the maximum-security facility.

Court documents said inmate Anthony Silvo Fini was in the B-West unit near the shower area while the prison’s program director was speaking with a corrections officer nearby. Court documents state Fini allegedly came up behind the program director and hit him in the face, causing him to fall as Fini continued hitting him.

The corrections officer and program director managed to restrain Fini and the assault was captured on video surveillance.

Both the officer and the program director were treated at Fairview Hospital. The corrections officer had bruises and a sprain on her left hand and the program director sustained closed head trauma, a perforated left ear drum and bruised ribs.

Inmate given 15 additional months

A Minnesota Correctional Facility-Stillwater inmate was given 15 additional months to his sentence after he was seen accepting contraband from a female visitor to the Bayport prison on Jan. 25.

Court documents said the inmate, Jarvis Jermaine Atkinson, who is serving a first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder sentence, asked the woman to bring him Oxycontin pills. Corrections officers discovered the contraband in Atkinson’s underwear during a strip search. During the contraband exchange another inmate attempted to distract corrections officials to the exchange.

The woman has since written a letter to the Bayport Police Department expressing regret and apologizing for her actions.

Man convicted on drug charges

A Stillwater man was convicted of fifth-degree drug charges in connection with a May 21 incident.

A confidential informant told Washington County Sheriff’s deputies that the man, identified in court documents as Steven Robert Kennedy, would be traveling to an Oakdale address with about a half-pound of marijuana in his vehicle.

Deputies pulled over the car described by the informant for expired license tabs and found a strong smell of marijuana, documents said. The man told police he didn’t know about the smell but he was on his way to the gym. Officers searched the vehicle and found a gym bag containing two large plastic bags of marijuana. Next to the bag was $2,160.

A search of Kennedy’s phone conducted with a warrant revealed that the man was allegedly involved in drug-trafficking enterprises.

Kennedy was given a stay of execution for 13 months and 10 years of probation.

Man convicted of burglary

A Mahtomedi man was convicted of third-degree burglary in connection with an April 5 incident in which investigators matched the suspect’s shoes to footprints at the scene.

The man, identified in court documents as Kevin Michael Schwietz, is accused of entering a garage by forcing open a back door and stealing a Garmin navigation unit and 20 feet of electrical wire leaving footprints behind.

The investigating led deputies to Schwietz’s Mahtomedi home where they allegedly saw Schwietz holding and cutting wire and a GPS unit on the floor next to him. Treads on Schwietz’s shoes matched the ones at the scene of the crime.

Schwietz was sentenced to 21 months with a stay of execution, five years probation, 120 days in jail with 73 days of credit, out-of-custody sentence-to-service,a $50 fine and surcharge and $176 restitution to the victim.

Schwietz also must not use drugs or alcohol, submit to random testing, go through a mental health program, remain law abiding and have no same or similar offenses. He must also attend the offenders recovery program and follow their recommendations.

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