Buckthorn removal workshops set

Buckthorn removal workshops set

The Washington Conservation District (WCD) holds buckthorn removal workshops at 7 p.m. Sept. 11 and 12 at the Denmark Town Hall and Washington County Fairgrounds.

Buckthorn is an aggressive, invasive shrub originally from Europe. In the U.S., it is at odds with our North American plants and animals. Buckthorn spreads quickly through Minnesota woodlands, choking out native flowers and shrubs that provide food and habitat for birds and wildlife.

Because it shades out groundcover plants, buckthorn causes water pollution as well. Rain quickly washes exposed soil under the buckthorn into nearby water bodies, and continual erosion causes lakeshores and streambanks to slump and ravines to form in bluffs along the St. Croix and Mississippi rivers.

Buckthorn has smooth, grayish brown bark and shiny, dark green leaves that are rounded with a point. Its twigs are often tipped with a spine. It is easy to recognized in the early spring or late fall when it is the only plant with green leaves in the woods.

The workshops are led by Wendy Griffin, a natural resource specialist at the WCD, who will guide participants through identification, proper removal techniques that include using chainsaws, axes and shears. It is vital to then treat the stumps with Garlon or another herbicide to prevent it from re-growing.

If you don’t want to use herbicides, however, cover the cut stumps with tin cans to keep them from re-sprouting or mow them repeatedly for several growing seasons

The Sept. 11 workshop is at Denmark Town Hall, 14008 90th St. South. The Sept. 12 session is in Hooley Hall on the County Fairgrounds, 12300 40th St. in Baytown Township. Contact Griffin at 651-275-1136 extension 24 or at [email protected]

7 p.m. Sept.11
Denmark Town Hall
14008 – 90th Street South
Denmark Township

7 p.m. Sept. 12
Hooley Hall,
Washington County Fairgrounds
12300 40th St N.
Baytown Township

The invasive buckthorn shrub is the topic of two free Washington Conservation District workshops next month in Denmark and Baytown townships. (Submitted photo)