Woman sentenced in drug case

A Stillwater woman was convicted of fifth-degree drug possession after she was discovered taking prescription drugs from Lakeview Hospital.

The woman, identified in court documents as Leah Ann Jenness, was found Dec. 4, 2011, at an omni cell with the refrigerator door open. An omni cell is a machine accessed by a nurse using their identification number, who then selects a prescription medication and amount of the medicine for a patient. Anything not used is then disposed of by two nurse witnesses.

When Jenness left the room, the nurse who found her discovered a small open cup with a clear liquid and a syringe with worn off numbers filled with a clear liquid. When the nurse opened the refrigerator they found a seal was broken on a syringe of Dilaudid and Jenness was confronted. Janness later resigned her position.

During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Jenness had been acting suspicious, with pin-point pupils and was anxious. Staff reported that there was an increase in waste of Dilaudid by Jenness in prior few weeks.

A records search indicated that there were more ‘null’ transaction reports with the Omni Cell used by Jenness. Null transactions when occur when medication is asked for and replaced. It’s believed that Jenness was tampering with medication and replacing it with saline solution.

Between Dec. 19 and 20, 2011, Jenness allegedly removed 7 milligrams of Dilaudid from the omin cell. Of those 7 milligrams, 2.2. milligrams were administered to patients and 4.4. milligrams were listed as waste.

A search of Jenness’s residence resulted in the collection of three white pills that Janness’ boyfriend, Michael Gerge Kimmel, said blonged to him and he didn’t have a prescription for. Another five medical needles and five sodium chloride syringes were found in a purse belonging to Jenness.

Jenness’ sentence includes three years probation, 10 days in jail, 10 days of service and a $50 fine with surcharges and fees. Jenness must not use alcohol and drugs and submit to random testing. She must remain law-abiding and gain no employment with access to controlled substances. If she cooperates with conditions, probation can expire sooner than three years.

Lakeland man sentenced

A Lakeland man was sentenced to probation and jail time in connection with a Dec. 19, 2012, incident, that started with a traffic stop for a cancelled driver’s license.
The man, identified in complaint reports as Christopher Alan Dedrickson, was arrested when Washington County Sheriff’s deputies learned Dedrickson had an active county warrant for a pending gross misdemeanor DWI. Deptuies conducted surveillence on the Dedrickson’s car and home and when Dedrickson left, he was pulled over for a cancelled driver’s license.

Dedrickson told officers he knew about the warrant and the deputy who stopped him noticed a strong smell of alcohol on Dedrickson. A breathalyzer test revealed Dedrickson had .179 BAC. In addition to driving under the influence the vehicles license tabs, he wasn’t driving without the required ignition interlock device and had no insurance on the vehicle.

Dedrickson also has three prior impaired driving incidents within 10 years, specifically in Iowa and in Washington County.

He was convicted of first-degree DWI.

Dedrickson was sentenced to a stay of execution for 36 months with seven years probation. Must serve 180 days in jale with credit for 35 days served and pay a $3,000 fine. He must not use alcohol or drugs and must submit to random testing. A DNA sample will be submitted and he must remain law-abiding and complete a class. He must serve 30 days with an electronic bracelet as well.

Charges filed in alleged
knife-swinging case

Charges have been filed against a Scandia man who wielded a knife at Smalley’s security staff on Aug. 21.

The man, identified in court documents as Dylan Thomas Klapak, faces charges of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and terroristic threats in connection with the incident.

The incident occurred after Smalley’s staff asked the man to leave the bar following a confrontation regarding claims by patrons that Klapak’s dancing was making them uncomfortable.

After allegedly getting in an argument, Klapak left the bar and entered a hallway where he continued arguing with staff. After being told again to to leave, Klapak reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife.

The knife was knocked away from Klapak, but he picked it up and allegedly swung it at one of the security staff staff, missing him by about six inches, Klapak then ran out the door and was followed out by victim and another man. Klapak then turned back and allegedly said, “I’m going to kill you,”

After Klapak was found in a wooded area across the street from the bar, he agreed to speak with Stillwater Police officers. He allegedly said that he had a verbal confrontation with security staffer and another man and was upset that they had removed him from the bar. He admitted that he swore at the men and pointing the knife, adding that as he left and went down the stairs to the street he was afraid they were going to hurt him so he swung his knife. Klapak also claimed that when he left, the two men continued following him.

He also admitted to officers that he had been drinking and that it could have influenced his decision making.