Escaped snake slithers back to captivity

A Minnesota Herpetogolical Society assistant loads a bag containing a five-foot common boa constrictor into a van after the reptile was rescued from the backyard deck of Stillwater residence Wednesday. (Gazette staff photo by Amanda White)

A surprise visit from a five-foot common boa constrictor at a Stillwater residence Wednesday morning ended quietly when two Minnesota Herpetological Society representatives removed the reptile from the home.
Sarah Richard said that she and an assistant had no issues when they rescued the snake from the backyard deck of the River Heights Drive home of Paul and Camille Kiolbasa.
The Kiolbasas discovered the snake on their back deck early Wednesday morning and notified the Stillwater Police Department. Responding officers called the state Department of Natural Resources and were referred to Richards.
Richards said she typically receives between 200 and 300 calls annually from the DNR to rescue reptiles. She added that about 25 percent of the reptiles she rescues are lost, abandoned or strays. That number is neglible compared to dogs and cats, she noted.
“Furthermore, as very few reptiles can survive Minnesota winters, any concern about them becoming a problem goes away in October,” she said.
Officers at the scene believe the snake at the Kiolbasa residence was probably someone’s pet that escaped. Section 27-2 of the city’s municipal code governing wild and dangerous animals allows persons to keep boa constrictors and all subspecies under eight feet in length.
Richard said it is unlikely the owner of the snake will contact her to pick the animal up, so the snake will likely be adopted by a Minnesota Herpetological Society member.

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