Woman’s bike ride ends in trip to detox

A 45-year-old Woodbury woman’s bicycle ride around a Stillwater apartment complex in her underwear ended with her being taken  to Hastings-Dakota County detox center Tuesday night.

Stillwater Police officers went to the complex after receiving calls about a woman at the complex wearing a blue bikini and arguing with other women. Arriving officers found the woman riding her bicycle wearing a bra and underwear on the north side of Birchwood Street near Oak Park Elementary School.

A report said the woman appeared intoxicated and officers could smell alcohol on her breath. The woman confirmed that she had been riding her bike through the apartment complex and got into an argument with some of the women.

The woman had a BAC of .32. She was unable to give officers the name and telephone number of a relative who could pick her up and officers had her transported to the Hastings detox center.

Man stops train-part theft

Two men were arrested last week when a Stillwater man caught them allegedly trying to steal the Minnesota Zephyr bell and train horn.

The man who reported the theft-in-progress Aug. 6 was on a walk when he noticed one of the men sitting on top of the train and saw a train bell in the back of a pickup truck.

A Stillwater Police Department report said the man detained the pair and reported the incident after contacting train owner David Paradeau and learning that no one was supposed to be at the train that day.

One of the men, identified in the report as Anthony Wood allegedly said he and the other man, Daniel Lindfors, were train preservationists and had just come from the Minnesota Transportation Museum in Osceola. He said they replaced a horn on one of the trains up there and claimed they were checking to make sure all the parts on the Zephyr were functioning.

When asked about the bell, Wood allegedly told officers he removed the bell and gave it to Lindfors, who put it in the bed of his pickup and were going to inspect it, take pictures of it and then contact the owner of the train to see if they could buy it.

Officers found wrenches on the men when they were searched.

Wood allegedly told officers that they were changing a train horn but added that he had removed the train bell and broke an airline. Wood allegedly said that they didn’t have permission to be on the property, and the property is blocked off to public access.

When officers asked Lindfors what the value of the bell was, he said about $300. A call to Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Police indicated that the bell could have an estimated value of $1,800 and the horn shouldn’t be in public possession.
Reports indicate that Paradeau told police via phone that the damage done to the train would likely cost $1,000 to repair.

Wood and Lindfors were arrested on suspicion of theft.

Intoxicated teen leads to charges

A 22-year-old man faces charges of procuring alcohol for a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor after a 15-year-old girl suffered apparent alcohol poisoning at his parent’s Stillwater home.

A Stillwater Police Department report identified the man charged at Alex Jackson. According to the report, officers arriving at Jackson’s home found the man’s mother and another younger 19-year-old girl caring for the unconcious girl, who had apparently vomited in the bathroom and living room.

Jackson’s parents told officers when he and his wife arrived at their home around 8 p.m., their son and another 21-year-old were drinking downstairs, the report said. The father also told officers the couple assumed the underage people were not drinking and they went to bed, the reported added.

Jackson’s father then told officers the couple later heard a commotion and found the 15-year-old girl unconscious, the report said.

When officers commented on the age disparity of the individuals in the home, the older girl said the 15-year-old girl was a friend of hers and she brought her over to the Jackson house.

When Alex Jackson arrived on scene after taking a friend home, he allegedly told officers he was aware that both the 15-year-old and 19-year-old girls were underage, the report said.

Officers advised Jackson’s parents to be more aware of who is in their house, who is drinking alcohol and what their ages are, the report added.

Compiled by Avery Cropp at [email protected]