Activities department to have handbook this year

Junior and senior high share handbook changes

When the Independent School District 834 Board discusses student handbooks, it can only means that the new school year is near.

Handbooks for students at Stillwater Senior High School and the disticts two junior highs  were presented and approved at Thursday’s school board meeting.

The board also received a new student athlete handbook this year introduced by the Stillwater Area High School activities department. Activities Director Ricky Michel said the handbook provides the community and activities department stakeholders with information, establishes sportsmanship policies and finalizes the process on how students can register for clubs and other sports teams.

Michel believes that some new handbook policies regarding booster clubs will create better communication.

“When it comes to booster clubs, do you get something along the lines of legal compliance and how often do you get that information,” asked board member Tom Lehmann.

“In the past we’ve received little information from booster cubs, but they are growing and this new policy will help us connect with them. It’s important for us to know what’s going on in the community and this gives us a better handle on it.” Michel said.

The new activities handbook lays out a conflict-resolution process when issues arise between parents, coaches and players. Any person who goes above the activities director to the school board directly should be referred to the process. Michel emphasized that retaliation is highly discouraged if there is a complaint.

Highlights in the junior and senior high school handbooks include changes wihch will take place over the next year to align the handbooks between Stillwater and Oak-Land Junior High schools.

Other changes highlighted and discussed included the changes in testing requirements for students to pass reading and math. It’s expected some sort of career and college readiness exam may take it’s place, according to Ryan Laager, but the details remain developing.

When it comes to bullying complaints, both Laager and Michel said that it’s also important to follow the protocol and fill out the form provided for bullying in order to move forward and investigate complaints.

Both handbooks were approved unanimously by the board.

Also at the meeting, the board met new learning supports hire Rachel Larson, new ECFE program coordinator Karen Manske and new educational tech professional Jeff Brazee.

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