Seatbelt check leads to conviction on drug charges

A St. Paul man was convicted of fifth-degree drug charges in a case that started with a seat belt check by a sheriff’s deputy in April 2012.

A 10th Judicial District Judge sentenced Michael Dennis Callais to 18 months in prison with credit for 74 days served and fined Callais $100 plus surcharges.
The April 27, 2012, incident leading to Callais’ conviction began when a Washington County Sheriff’s deputy stopped Callais after it appeared Callais wasn’t wearing a seat belt.

The deputy asked Callais why he wasn’t wearing his seat belt and Callais said he had removed it when the officer was walking toward the car. Complaint reports added that Callais told the deputy he did not have a valid driver’s license and Callais’ female passenger reported that she also didn’t have a valid license and the deputy noticed that both were fidgety.

The deputy searched Callais and found two small plastic bags in Callais’ front pocket, one containing marijuana, the other methamphetamine. Two other empty bags were in Callais’ wallet.

A search of Callais’ vehicle found a glass pipe with methamphetamine residue. Callais’ passenger told the deputy she and Callais had used the pipe the night before to smoke meth. Callais in a Miranda statement told the deputy that the small bag was his and that the substance was methamphetamine.

Hugo man faces theft-related charges

A Hugo man is accused of aiding and abetting copper theft after copper wire worth $18,730 was taken in May from a Stillwater Township gravel pit.

The man, identified in a complaint as Cory Allen Wuollet, allegedly provided the transportation to take the copper wiring reported stolen from the MJ Raleigh Gravel Pit May 3.

The copper wire was cut from a conveyor belt used to remove rock and gravel from the pit. Evidence at the scene showed that the copper wiring was dragged from the conveyor belt to where a vehicle was parked. Tire tracks appeared to be from a full-size SUV or truck.

Deputies received tips that Wuollet talked about stealing a large amount of copper wiring on May 3. A complaint report said Wuollet was questioned and the tire tracks found at the gravel pit were consistent with Wuollet’s vehicle. Wuollet claimed that a friend of his had borrowed his truck on the evening of the theft.

Wuollet was stopped May 17 by law enforcement officers for an equipment violation and was found to have a large amount of copper in his vehicle.

The complaint said Wuollet allegedly admitted to officers that he dropped two men at the gravel pit, waited for them to return and helped load the stolen copper wire into his truck.

Man accused of felony theft

A Wisconsin man has been accused of felony theft from a downtown Stillwater store.

Officers were called to the store Feb. 1, 2013, two investigate the reported theft of about $800 worth of blue jeans by two persons, One of the individuals allegedly involved in the incident was identified as Adam William Wylie.

Similar incidents occurred Jan. 29, when the man allegedly took two pair of jeans valued at $99 each and Feb. 1, when another eight pairs of jeans valued $118 each were reported stolen.