Company brings new tutoring idea to area

(Photo courtesy of PeerGenius)
(Photo courtesy of PeerGenius)

A new tutoring business has expanded to Stillwater and is looking to hire high school students to help with their new venture.

Maryland-based PeerGenius Tutors hopes to hire students in the area through August to help their fellow students over the next school year, company officials said. The tutoring company started about two years ago and has expanded to Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and the South Florida area.

“We wanted to come to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area because it’s a great city that puts a high value on education. There are good schools and families put a lot of emphasis on education,” said Peter Traub, co-founder of PeerGenius.

Although there is no brick and mortar building, Traub said an added benefit is when the company moves into an area, they create jobs for high schoolers that can help others excel in their studies.

Traub said students and parents who are interested in the company can find more information at Traub added that tutoring sessions take place at the public library or in the homes of parents who want their children to get extra help.

“We have a matching process that connects students with tutors who have similar interests to them such as an athlete with an athlete and a musician with a musician. We feel that the similarities between the two can help them connect and make learning fun,” Traub said.

This is what Traub feels also sets PeerGenius apart from other tutoring companies already in the area. For the students, they’d be working with another kid, not another adult teacher.

Traub said the students the company hires are well-rounded high school sophomores, juniors and seniors with good grades, good test scores, are involved in extracurricular activities and experts in certain subject areas. He added that it could be a great experience for students who want to go into teaching since they would be trained on different learning styles and how to work with students.

Students who want to be tutors should apply on the company website, Traub said. Those students accepted would interview via Skype and must provide references, he added.
According to Traub, students who seek PeerGenius tutoring are those wanting to improve their grades and looking for tips and advice about improving test scores. Tutoring sessions cost $35 per hour and those interested can pre-pay for 10 sessions at $31.82 per hour with the 11th session free. No commitment is required and satisfaction is guaranteed.

“We feel that ours is a very effective and affordable tutoring option,” Traub said. “With in-home options and the matching process students enjoy working with their tutors who enjoy learning. And this allows them to create an understanding of the concepts in a different way.”

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