Tale No. 124: Time flies

Moms of Stillwater
Moms of Stillwater

I heard it many times before. Time flies. Treasure these moments. They grow up so fast. You will miss this. I used to think these people were full of it.  Have they been in MY kitchen with two cranky, hungry kids between 4 and 6 p.m.? It’s a one-man freak show and time certainly isn’t flying. I always wanted to see one of those cooking shows with toddlers running around, banging pans, playing with the pesto and smearing white sauce all over the back of their legs. Show me what you got now, top chef.

So, there I sat with my butt squished into a pint size chair (secretly hoping that I wouldn’t get stuck). I knew that something magical was about to happen. This was what I had been patiently waiting for . . . kindergarten was here. My little man was ready to show the world what he knew. And with two years of preschool under his belt and lessons on sharing far behind us, I knew he was ready.

We walked into the room and there they were, all prim and proper. Some were clinging. Some were clueless. Some were ready to get this thing started and move on to snack time . . . and I am talking about the parents.

The kids, well, they were awestruck. For them it was a dream come true. Everything was their size. No one cared if paint spilled and they could actually use the scissors. They had cubbies and nametags. Someone was finally listening to them. And thankfully for me there would be someone else in charge of the glue gun. It was their world and they were ready to conquer. Ready to learn life’s important lessons like using lunchboxes and tying shoes.
As they readily accepted this new challenge, I started feeling guilt slowly covering me like glue from that damn glue gun. There was no turning back. I wondered where that time HAD gone. How did we get here? The proud helicopter mom that I was started to question it all. Was this the right thing? Maybe I should homeschool. He isn’t ready. He just peed his bed last week. What are we doing here?

I panicked and started to yell, “Pack your bags little man we’re leaving.” But it was too late. These little Einsteins were all in row. Sweet faces and little bodies lined up with backpacks as big as them all ready for the same thing. This big world of numbers, colors and benchmarks. It was all happening so fast.

What was I thinking over these last few years? How could I have been so neglectful and let him sit comatose and watch two (OK, plus) hours of TV. Maybe I didn’t read him enough books. We totally skipped tummy time as a baby. What about the time we hit Nelson’s . . . twice, in one day. We should’ve been doing flashcards.

Self-pity was setting in and I was feeling vulnerable. Thankfully, my thoughts of being the worst, inadequate mother lasted for about 10 seconds. And I realized that it was time to toss in the towel. Sure I had made a few wrongs, fretted a few too many times. And as I looked at him from behind the marble run it all seemed so clear. All my hard work HAD paid off. He WAS ready.

As I said goodbye and with a tear in my eye I knew they were right . . . TIME FLIES.

Alicia Donovan is a native to Stillwater. She is the mother of two (adorable young) boys. She is devoted to her family, her friends and her two dogs. She belives this lovely river town is the best place to raise kids. She is realistic about life, an admitted control freak and loves building the community by connecting people. She is the head organizer and chief of details at Moms of Stillwater. Don’t forget to check out the Moms of Stillwater Facebook page.