Woman convicted on drug charges

An Oakdale woman arrested in December by Stillwater Police, was convicted recently on fifth-degree drug charges.

Jennifer Lynn Hagelberg was sentenced in 10th Judicial District Court to three years probation, fined $100 and must submit to random testing. She must also attend a MADD victim impact panel and complete 60 hours of community work service.

Hagelberg was arrested after a traffic stop resulting from her alledgedly failing to signal a turn. After stopping Hagelberg, officers realized they had talked with her earlier after she appeared intoxicated and she told them she wasn’t driving and waiting for a friend.

Officers noted s a strong odor of alcohol on Hagelberg and signs of intoxication that included bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Hagelberg subsequently failed sobriety tests, was arrested and sent to the Washington County Jail for processing.

A search of Hagelberg’s purse at the jail revealed five blue pills identified as amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, which are used to treat conditions such as ADD and narcolepsy. Hagelberg’s BAC came in at .18.

Man sentenced for  malicious punishment of child

Washington County Attorney Pete Orput announced Tuesday that 21-year-old President Pimping Austin of St. Paul was sentenced to 72 months in prison by 10th Judicial District Judge Ellen Maas following a bench trial where Maas found Austin guilty of malicious punishment of a child under 4 years of age and felony domestic abuse.
Maas granted the state’s motion to upward depart imposing the statutory maximum sentence for the malicious punishment charge and run the felony domestic abuse sentence consecutively.

Austin was found guilty of being at the home of the mother of his child and, while there, striking her with his fists and feet. A few days later, Austin took an audio-visual cord whipped his toddler son causing multiple marks and scarring on the boy’s legs and genital area.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant County Attorney Tom Wedes.

Men face drug charges in separate cases

A Lake St. Croix Beach man faces charges of fifth-degree drug possession and giving a false name to officers during an October 2012 incident in Oak Park Heights.

Oak Park Heights Police officers stopped a car Oct. 22, 2012, because they knew the driver had a suspended license. When officers approached the vehicle, the passenger, identified in complaint reports as Dennis Michael McLoed, got out of the car and back in the vehicle after being told to by officers. Officers then noticed a jewelry box on the passenger seat.

Saying they were on their way to pawn some jewelry, McLoed allegedly gave a false name to officers. He was searched after the name he gave officers came back without results. That search found a syringe on McLoed, which allegedly tested positive for methamphetamine. McLoed admitted to using meth in the past three days and has a prior drug conviction in Washington County in 2012.

In another unrelated case, a Stillwater man also faces fifth-degree drug charges after a large amount of marijuana was found the man’s vehicle by law enforcement officers.

Complaint reports said the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office received a tip from an informant that the man, Steven Robert Kennedy, would be driving an older model Nissan and allegedly have a half-a-pound of marijuana.

Deputies stopped Kennedy and discovered a strong smell of marijuana in Kennedy’s vehicle. Kennedy told officers that he was driving to the gym. A search of his vehicle revealed a gym bag with two large plastic bags containing a leafy substance consistent with marijuana and $2,160. The total amount of marijuana possession was 111.42 grams in the first bag and 111.57 grams in the second bag.

Kennedy’s phone was searched and indicated that he was allegedly involved in drug trafficking enterprises.

Inmate faces aiding, abetting charges

A Minnesota Corrections Facility-Stillwater inmate, identified in a complaint report as Marlon James Sands, faces charges of aiding and abetting contraband into the Bayport prison.

A corrections officer observed several offenders huddled in the shower with the water running and observed one of the inmates, Corey Lee Gilchrist, allegedly pass a smoking device to Sands.

A search of Gilchrist revealed $72 in cash, a lighter, one smoking device and two packs of Liberty Herbal Incense. tobacco rolling paper and a black phone book. Sands was searched and four bags of Liberty Herbal Incense, four lighters and one large bag of mint tobacco was found. Liberty Herbal Insence is synthetic marijuana.

Calls were monitored between Gilchrist and his fiancee about how to buy it and plans to get it into the prison by placing the synthetic marijuana into de-icer bins which would allegedly be carried in by other inmates and delivered to Sands. Sands was then allegedly supposed to wire the fiancee from $1,000 to $2,000 for delivery.

Inmate faces weapon charges

An Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights inmate faces a dangerous weapon charge following an altercation that sent another MCF-Oak Park Heights inmate to the hospital.

Manuel Chima Najera faces the charges in connection with a March 13 incident at the prison. Najera is caught on video swinging at and punching a fellow inmate. Najera allegedly used two homemade weapons crafted from razor blades in the attack.

Najera stabbed the other inmate 14 times before corrections officers were able to intervene. The incident was caught on video.