Pawn shop visit leads to man’s arrest

The brazen burglar who stole two iPhones, an iPad, and wallet early Monday from a Stillwater home while the residents were there has been arrested.

Stillwater Police reports said the latest burglary was reported in the 1300 block of Linden Street near where other burglaries have occurred. Serial numbers of the stolen items were run through a pawn shop search system and came up with a hit at a pawn shop in Maplewood.

Reports state the person who pawned the item was listed as 18-year-old Stillwater resident Brandon Lee Bassett. Police reports indicate that he has a history of thefts from motor vehicles.

Officers went to the Maplewood pawn shop and recovered the iPad. Reports said pawn shop documents indicated the iPad was pawned at 6 p.m. Monday, the evening after the burglary occurred. Bassett allegedly showed his Minnesota identification card and there is a video of the transaction. Bassett received $82.50 from the item valued at $200.

The case has been referred to the Washington County Attorney’s Office for charges of first-degree burglary. Bassett is currently in the Washington County Jail.

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