Drug overdose gets woman fine, probation

A Mahtomedi woman was sentenced to two years of probation on fifth-degree drug charges after she apparently overdosed on heroin earlier this year.

The woman, identified in complaint reports as Nicole Jean Berry, was fined $200, must not use drugs or alcohol and submit to random testing following a hearing in 10th Judicial District Court.

Police were called Jan. 26 by a concerned party who was on the telephone with Berry when she realized something was wrong. Berry was with a man at the time who took her outside to get her more air when he found her unconscious in the bedroom. Berry told officers she had spent $60 on heroin in Minneapolis earlier that morning.

Suspended license leads to drug charges

A man from Stacy, Minn., faces charges of first-degree drug possession, introducing contraband to a state prison and driving after suspension following a routine check of his vehicle license plate at the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights.

Joseph William Bigbear was arrested after parking his vehicle in the MCF-Oak Park Heights parking lot and a routine plate check showed Bigbear had a suspended license.

Further investigation of the vehicle allegedly found two plastic bags of cocaine with a combined package weight of 74.9 grams. Reports said Bigbear told officers “that was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done” after his arrest but he declined to give a formal statement to investigators.

Lake Elmo man faces drug charges

A Lake Elmo man faces first-degree drug charges after being caught with over 1.6 ounces of various drugs.

The man, identified in a criminal complaint as Keith Thomas Jakala, was riding in a car with a man identified in court documents as Richard Lindekugel when Lindekugel was stopped by a Washington County Sheriff’ deputy for allegedly driving 19-21 mph over the posted 50-mph speed limit.

The deputy noticed a strong smell of marijuana in the vehicle and asked Lindejugel to step out of the vehicle after Lindekugel allegedly was digging around in the drivers door.

A search of the vehicle discovered more than $3,000 in the drivers-side door and a backpack full of prescription pills allegedly including:

  • A large prescription bottle with 860 pills identified as Valium;
  • A plastic bag of 11 capsules identified as amphetamine;
  • Two bottles of suspected methadone;
  •  A plastic bag of 79 pills identified as Lorazepam;
  • A plastic bag of 18 pills identified as oxycodone
  • Two prescription bottles with a substance that field-tested positive for methamphetamine with a weight of 7.8 ounces, and
  • A prescription bottle with a substance that tested positive for marijuana.

Lindekugel allegedly said that the drugs were not Jakala’s. Jakala allegedly admitted to knowing the drugs were in the vehicle and belonged to Lindekugel.
Both men have prior convictions for possession of a controlled substance, Lindekugel in the state of Utah and Jakala in Blue Earth County.

Man faces property damage charges

A Stillwater man faces property damage charges after incidents that occurred July 26.
The man’s mother, who lives in Oakdale, reported to police that her son had damaged her television and the window of her car.

She told Oakdale Police officers that the man, identified in court documents as Scott Steven Schultz, had been living in her apartment for three months and that that morning she had heard a crash and allegedly saw her son’s cell phone on the floor in front of the TV which had a cracked screen.

After returning from work, the woman told police her son had demanded to use her car to return exercise equipment he borrowed from a friend. After she repeatedly told him no, Schultz allegedly told her, “You do this now or I will.”

She told officers Schultz then walked outside, came back and told his mother, “I put it in the window and it shattered.”

The rear driver’s side window was shattered when the victim went to check. Glass was inside the vehicle and Schultz did not have keys to the car when he loaded the equipment.

Total estimated damage costs stand at $1,718.

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