Curses get man tossed from event, trip to detox

SPD logo-1A Wisconsin man was removed from Summer Tuesdays and taken to Hastings Detox Tuesday evening after allegedly swearing at the festival crowd and band.

Multiple festival visitors complained to Stillwater Police reserve officers and event staff that the man was cursing in front of children. Police reports added that the man was also heckling event staff at the start of the festival.

Reports said officers told the man about the complaints and that his behavior was inappropriate. The man responded that, “He was just rocking out with the band and was talking to himself.” Reports added that when the man was told people could hear him cursing, he replied with another obscenity.

When asked by officers, the man admitted to drinking vodka and claimed to have just hitchhiked to Stillwater from Alabama and arrived Tuesday. A breathalyzer indicated that he had a PBT of .21. The man was cited and transported to Hastings detox center.

Juveniles could face theft charges

Two Stillwater teenagers could face theft and property damage charges after a June 25 incident connected with damage to golf carts at Oak Glen Country Club.

Police reports said the teens, one 17 years old, the other 15, hung out earlier in the evening and went home at 10 p.m. The reports added that early the following morning, one of the teens allegedly called the other and they left their homes and walked to Oak Glen G.C.

Reports said the pair allegedly cut the cable connecting the golf carts. Reports added that one teen said a carts had a key in it so they took it out but it was slow so they left it on the golf course.

Reports said the teenagers allegedly took two other carts and drove the vehicles the Brown’s Creek trail when one of the teenagers ran into a fallen tree. The cart was unable to start after that.

Video surveillance footage places the teenagerss at the golf course at 3:14 a.m. and leaving at 4:30 a.m. with two carts. Estimated damage to the one cart is $1,600.

Woman reports planter missing

A woman reported the theft of a ceramic planter from the front porch of her residence Sunday afternoon, the second time she has had plants and planters taken from her porch.

The antique ceramic tile planter was valued at $30 to $50. The earlier theft occurred July 3 or 4. Both pots were relatively light and easily removable.

This is one of several incidents involving thefts of multiple planters this summer in Stillwater. The most well-known incident occurred at Lift Bridge Brewery last month.
In this case there are no known suspects or leads.

Woman cited for improper use of handicapped placard

A Stillwater woman was cited for using her husband’s handicapped placard to park in a handicapped spot at the Market Drive Cub Foods Tuesday.

The woman used her husband’s handicapped placard on her car instead of his. To use a handicapped placard, a vehicle’s registered owner must have a certification included on their driver’s license. The woman did not have this and was cited.

Litter citation after pop cans are run over

A 19-year-old man learned that running over full soda cans with your vehicle in a business parking lot will earn you a littering citation from police.

The incident started when a caller told Stillwater Police officers he saw two men throwing trash from their vehicle and running over soda cans in the Radio Shack parking lot.

Responding officers talked to the men in the vehicle, who told them they were waiting to pick up their friends. Officers noticed pop cans lying on the ground under the vehicle tires and the 19-year-old told officers that the cans were full and they were going to run them over and watch them explode.

The 19-year-old at first denied throwing the cans, but eventually admitted what he had done, resulting in the littering citation.

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