incidents result in citations

A 60-year-old taxi driver was cited for reckless driving in Stillwater early Sunday.

The driver was dealing with crowds in the area of the Freight House and Brines on Water Street when he got out and told several patrons he had a fare lined up down the street and got back into his cab according to police reports.

That’s apparently when a woman attempted tried to enter the driver’s cab and got her hand caught in the vehicle as the driver left the area. A police report said the woman was inadvertently dragged about 20 feet south on Water Street.

The woman was examined by Lakeview EMS and found to have minor iunjuries, according to the report.

Stillwater Police officers followed the taxi driver, pulled him over and cited him for reckless driving, the report said.

When officers asked the cab driver why he sped away, reports state he said, “those people are just animals,” and admitted he was in the wrong.

Man cited for  disorderly conduct

A Stillwater man was cited for disorderly conduct Friday night after he allegedly threw a glass bottle at a vehicle.

The suspect denied throwing a bottle from the car he was riding in and the driver of the vehicle added that a cup with ice was thrown from the backseat of his vehicle at another vehicle, a report said.

Reports added that the driver told officers his passenger was yelling at another vehicle because a female in the second vehicle apparently owed him money. A victim statement corroborated the claim that the man cited was yelling, but the victim claims the man cited threw a glass bottle at the victim’s car.