Investigation continues into inmate’s death

BAYPORT — An investigation continues into the death late last week of an inmate at Minnesota Correctional Facility-Stillwater in Bayport.

Around 1:30 p.m. June 21, the Bayport Police and Bayport Fire Department Rescue Personnel responded to call about an inmate with medical issues. Rescue personnel performed CPR on the inmate identified as 30-year-old William Duane Lazzaro, according to police.

Lazzaro was then transported to Regions Hospital in St. Paul where he was pronounced dead, according to the state Department of Corrections.

Bayport Police and the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension are investigating the circumstances of Lazzaro’s death. The cause of the inmate’s death is pending an autopsy by the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office.

When asked whether an investigation is typical, especially in the circumstances of Lazzaro’s death, DOC spokesman John Schadl said it depends.

“It depends on the circumstances. There was an incident before the issues occurred and he was transported to Regions Hospital where he was pronounced dead of natural causes. It’s standard procedure to work with other agencies when there is an investigation regarding your facility,” he said.

Schadl did not elaborate on the incident involving Lazzaro.

Lazarro was sentenced to prison in October after a probation violation in Itasca County. In 2011, he was issued sentences of 79 months on a DWI charge and 39 months on an assault charge.

BCA spokeswoman Jill Oliveira said the investigation into Lazzaro’s death is ongoing.

  • Lisa

    My thoughts are with his family, children & friends. This is a horrible injustice & abuse of power of the Stillwater prison guards. I hope you sleep well at night The family he left behind isn’t. You are all cowards for the crime you have committed and hopefully you will prosecuted & treated the same as you did William Lazzaro.

    • Mark

      My thoughts and prayers are with you Lisa. A little quick on the trigger…don’t you think? That is a pretty bold statement for not knowing the facts of the case. Perhaps you can hold your tasteless & naive comments until after you’ve learned something factual about the situation.
      Or is it I who am naive? Perhaps I should be asking you what happened in that prison…you must know, because I can’t imagine that any right-minded person would accuse “all” of the Stillwater prison guards of being “cowards” & then “hope” that they die.

  • Jesse Rahier

    Thank you, Lisa, for standing up for my older brother. You are right, the guards are cowards. They beat him to death in solatary confinement. When I saw Billy at the morgue, he had bruses all over his body. There were six inches of cuts and bruises from handcuffs. Billys body was covered in mace. I stood beside our mother as she washed the mace off his body. But you know what hurts more? These journalists and commentators that choose to ignore the red flags in the information they are given. Bill had no medical issues. He was healthy. Billy didn’t deserve to lose his life for the crime he committed. You can watch his arrest on cnn/ireport william lazzaro and brian costallono.

  • Kevin

    “They beat him to death in solatary[sic] confinement.” That is blatantly false, however I’m sure your family and the lawyers they hire (on contingency, no doubt) will fabricate some version of events in order to cash in via the legal lottery. If the guards at the prison caused his death then they should be held accountable, but that is not what happened. When the official cause of death comes out and you are proven wrong, I am sure that you’ll claim it’s all a conspiracy by the authorities to avoid blame and punishment.

    • lisa

      Kevin…ur probably part of the will get yours soon. They took a son, father, brother for nothing. There is no excuse for this abuse…if you support that, you are as dumb as the rest. He left behind 6 kids & a wife. You are so disrespectful. Hope you sleep good at night knowing the prison guards killed my brother. We don’t need any money, we have what we need, & it will never bring him back. Hope nothing ever happens to you & your famiy..

  • Pen

    It’s now July 30, 2013. Over a month since Lazzaro’s death. The cause of death is still not released to the public? It takes over a month to determine the cause of death? We haven’t heard anything about this case in over a month? What’s the hold up? It shouldn’t take this long. Hmmmmmm.