Core passion offers three free assessments

Lori Palm, CEO of Core Passion, is offering free Core Passion Assessments to the first three people to contact her.

The Core Passion Assessment is a 21-page report that details a person’s inner passions and ways to capitalize on those passions. Palm believes that a person will find success in hobbies, business, career and family once he realizes his core passions.
“The Core Passion Assessment looks at what drives you to do what you do. The assessment measures the energy and most uniquely, shows you how you implement it effectively,” Palm said.

Palm believes up to 80 percent of people do not know their top, innate talents and skills.

Palm created the Core Passion Assessment in 2003 and her company, Core Passion, is based in New Hope. She services the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. The first three Stillwater Gazette readers to contact Palm and reference this article will receive their free Core Passion Asseessments.

Email Palm at [email protected] or call 612-3898-9220. For more information about Core Passion and the assessment visit