Man accused of domestic assault appears in court

The man accused of verbally and physically abusing his 40-year-old girlfriend earlier this month made his first appearance in court last week.

Jeffrey Robert Lerdahl faces charges of domestic assault by strangulation, and felony domestic assault in connection with the June 10 incident at the couple’s Stillwater home.

The victim told Stillwater Police officers that Lerdahl’s personality changed after the former U.S. Marine Corps member had watched the Military Channel. The victim added that Lerdahl also had been drinking and taking prescription medications that belonged to both of them before Lerdahl apparently attempted to commit suicide.
Lerdahl was first taken to Lakeview Hospital, then checked himself into a St. Paul hospital.

The assault occurred after Lerdahl and the victim argued. Officers said in their reports that the victim had visible injuries on her body when she filed the report. The victim also told officers that Lerdahl threatened to beat and kill her, put a pillow over her face, attempted to set her on fire and strangled her. She added that she lost consciousness during the incident.

The first offense has a maximum sentence of three years and $5,000 and the second offense has a maximum sentence of five years and $10,000.

Court documents state that Lerdahl has been convicted of several qualified domestic related incidents within the last 10 years in 2008, 2009 and 2010. His next court appearance takes place on June 26 at 1 p.m.

Warrant issued for man in case

A 23-year-old man made his initial appearance in court on charges of terroristic threats and violating a no-contact order in connection with a May 18 incident.

The man, identified in court documents as Darrin Lee Wolf, allegedly violated a no-contact order beginning at 6 a.m. May 18. Reports said Wolf was extremely upset and angry and appeared to be under the influence of drugs when he contacted the victim.

A friend of the victim answered the phone at one point and told investigators that Wolf said he would stab his mother and threatened to shoot his uncle in the head.
Wolf’s girlfriend confirmed that he needs treatment for his drug addiction. Wolf’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Man convicted of drug possession

A Stillwater man was convicted of third-degree drug possession in connection with a May 2012 incident.

Court documents said law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at the Owens Street North home of Matthew Jordan Weiss. Three people were found in the residence and officers recovered drug paraphernalia and items possibly related to an on-going fraud investigation.

Officers also discovered 3.4 grams of a white crystal-like substance that tested positive for methamphetamine. Weiss later admitted to getting the drugs from another resident in the house.

Weiss was sentenced to 39 months in jail and 20 years probation. He must serve 202 days with credit for 202 days served and pay a $100 fine and surcharges. He must not use alcohol or drugs and must submit to random testing. He must complete an offender recovery program and follow recommendations.

Weiss was also convicted of first-degree drug sale in connection with a May 25, 2012, incident.

Court documents said in April 2012, an informant told police that two men, one of them Weiss, sold narcotics from their Stillwater residence. The informant contacted the other man and set up a meeting. Before entering the house, the informant was searched and provided with documented buy money and was overheard speaking with a male who said he would need the money up front to give him drugs.

While the informant was with officers, court documents said Weiss contacted the informant and said he would be picked up at the other suspect’s home and taken to a second location. After arriving at an abandoned building, Weiss got a package from the car and gave it to the informant. The substance in the package tested positive for methamphetamine and weighted 11.46 grams.

For this offense, Weiss must serve 117 months and was placed on 30 years probation under the following conditions: serve 202 days with credit for 202 days served pay a $100 fine and surcharges. He must not use alcohol, submit to random testing and remain law-abiding.