County gives MnDOT 2015 project list

Agency buys tax-forfeited land for MN 36 construction

WashCo_logoOne Lake Elmo project and three projects in northern Washington County will be submitted by county officials to the state Department of Transportation for funding in 2015 after the Board of Commissioners approved the request Tuesday.

In a separate issue, commissioners approved the sale of tax-forfeited land in Oak Park Heights to MnDOT for Minnesota 36 construction that’s part of the St. Croix River Crossing bridge project.

MnDOT is accepting candidate projects for the 2015 fiscal year Metro Municipal Agreement Program that provides funds for projects developed and administered by local agencies. MnDOT looks for program projects benefiting local communities and the trunk highway system that focus on low cost-high benefit solutions.

The county’s proposed 2015 projects are construction of right-turn lanes and a traffic signal at Minnesota 5 and Lake Elmo Avenue North (CSAH 17) in Lake Elmo; construction of a center left turn and right turn lanes at U.S. 61 and 50th Street in Forest Lake, and construction of a single-lane roundabout at Manning Trail and Minnesota 97 and center left turn and right turn lanes at MN 97 and Lofton Avenue North (CSAH 1), both in Scandia.

The county’s cost participation in the projects is based on MnDOT’s cost-participation policy. Funds for any projects selected are available after July 1, 2014.

In the tax-forfeited land sale, MnDOT is paying $42,000 for land needed as part of construction of the new St. Croix River bridge and realignment of Beach Road North and Lookout Trail.

The County Board is allowed to sell a tax-forfeited parcel to another government or state agency for an authorized public purpose.