Stillwater man sentenced in theft incident

A Stillwater man was placed on five years probation after he was found guilty of three third-degree felony burglary charges and one felony count of aiding and abetting burglary in connection with an incident last summer.

The sentence for Nicholas John DeRosier was handed down recently in 10th Judicial District Court. Along with probation, DeRosier must serve 90 days in jail with credit for five days served, serve 59 days out-of-custody on electronic home monitoring. pay $100 plus surcharges and fees, a $100 fine for Count 2, a $100 fine for Count Three and pay restitution of $455, and not use alcohol or drugs, submit to random testing and submit DNA analysis.

The incident that led to DeRosier’s sentence occurred last July in the 700 block of Olive Street West. A witness told police officers he saw a man place a belt sander and motorcycle helmet on a driveway and walk away, leaving a car behind, according to court documents.

The witness also reported seeing three men return to the scene and try to get into the vehicle, the documents said.

The witness detained one of the men, but the other two fled. Officers determined that the car left behind belonged to DeRosier and they saw a set of golf clubs with an I.D. tag, two Garmin GPS units, a five-gallon gas can, an Apple Tablet or iPad and two DVDs. DeRosier lived three blocks from where the car was parked.

The detained man’s cell phone rang several times during the investigation and was answered by an officer. The caller told officers he had gotten a ride to DeRosier’s home just before 4 a.m. when DeRosier and another man showed up out of breath, telling the caller they were being chased by police.

The caller said DeRosier told him he wanted to get his keys so the police couldn’t enter his apartment.

During the investigation, officers received theft reports regarding the belt sander and the helmet; two tool boxes filled with tools, power tools reported stolen from a shed in the 300 block of Willow Street valued at $1,000, and a missing iPad, laptop,a set of golf clubs and briefcase from a home in the 100 block of Chestnut Street West valued at $3,950, Another resident in the 200 block of Chestnut Street reported missing a five-gallon gas can and had their vehicles rummaged through.

The items were located in DeRosier’s vehicle after a search warrant was obtained.

Inmate sentenced in smuggling incident

An Inmate at the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights was sentenced to one year and one day in addition to his current sentence in connection with a July 2012 incident that involved contraband possession.

The inmate, identified in court documents as Jeremy Scott Harris, had his phone calls monitored when prison staff learned Harris was conspiring with a woman to smuggle methamphetamine into the prison.

An envelope addressed to Harris containing a greeting card was intercepted in the prison mail room, and a dry, milky substance on parts of the card tested positive for methamphetamine.

Documents state that Harris admitted the substance was meth liquefied with water and painted on the envelope by the woman. He added he had made the arrangements for her to smuggle it through the mail and then sold the cards to other inmates.

Harris added that he was the middle man and would make 10 percent on each card and that four cards had come into the facility to him in the last two months. Other cards with the same meth substance were intercepted on July 11 and 13, 2012.

Baby formula thief sentenced

A Richfield, Minn., man was given an 18-month jail term after he was convicted of stealing of baby formula from the Market Drive Cub Foods in January.

The man, identified in court documents as Jerome Lu Barney, had allegedly stolen large amounts of powdered baby formula from the store and was caught Jan. 31, 2013, leaving the store with 34 formula containers valued at more than $540 without paying for them. Police officers stopped Barney in the Cub parking lot and he admitted to stealing milk, later admitting it was baby formula.

Court documents said that the store’s surveillance cameras on Jan. 28, caught Barney taking 28 cans of baby formula at $15.97 a can and two wastebaskets for a total loss of $462.10. Total loss to Cub was $1,002.36.

Man faces firearm and assault charges

A man faces charges of second-degree firearm assault and a felon in possession of a firearm after an May 21 incident.

The man, identified in court documents as Ruben Adrian Paramo, faces the two felony-level charges after Washington County Sheriff Office investigated a call about a wounded passenger in a vehicle traveling on Minnesota 36

A woman told deputes she was traveling west on MN 36 and a male passenger in her vehicle had gunshot wounds were in their left thigh and lower left leg. After being treated at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, the victim allegedly told investigators, “Ruben shot me.”

Investigators later identified Ruben as Paramo. The victim claimed Paramo shot him for no reason.

The driver of the victim’s car said that she was originally a passenger in the vehicle when two vehicles allegedly pulled alongside the vehicle she was in. One of the other vehicles was driven by a man identified in court documents as Joshua Steven Ryman. The other vehicle was driven by Paramo.

The woman told deputies she was in her car and when Paramo got out of one his car and shot the victim several times. The victim allegedly yelled at them, “I didn’t do it,” and the woman was unable to help him as he allegedly fought with Paramo and three other men.

Court documents indicate that WCSO deputiess contacted the St. Paul Police Department and learned Ryman and Paramo were allegedly part of the Latin Kings street gang.
During questioning, Ryman allegedly admitted to being the passenger in the Tahoe that drove alongside the victim’s car, adding that the victim and the driver had a conversation and the victim was told to hand over his car keys and wait since someone was coming to talk to him. Ryman added that Paramo and his brother allegedly arrived on the scene and shot the victim several times.

The driver of the Tahoe stated he did drive to the Demontreville Trail and MN 36 intersection where the victim was. He added the victim spoke with him and Ryman for several minutes and then another vehicle arrived, but denied hearing arguments or gunshots.