Doctor 3,000

Advanced Dermatology’s Rustad performs 3,000th Mohs skin cancer surgery

Dr. O.J. Rustad of Advanced Dermatology Care performed his 3000th Mohs skin cancer surgery May 15.

Mohs surgery is a specialized precise surgical technique used to treat skin cancer. During this surgery performed in Advanced Dermatology Care’s out-patient surgical suites, cancer-containing skin cells are precisely removed layer by layer, with on-site pathological examination performed until the remaining tissue is cancer-free.

Because of this technique, Rustad is able to obtain high cure rates of at least 90 to 95 percent seen via Mohs surgery. He is also able to remove only the necessary amount of nearby healthy tissue, reducing the need to remove excess skin, thus allowing the best cosmetic outcome possible usually doing his own closures and reconstructions while fully removing skin cancer.

Rustad completed his four year dermatology residency program at the University of Minnesota, and is a board-certified dermatologist. He then was selected for the prestigious U of M Cutaneous Surgery Fellowship in 1990. During this surgical fellowship, he received further extensive surgical training in Mohs skin cancer surgeries as well as cosmetic surgeries and procedures. This additional training has allowed him to develop proficiency in the various surgeries of the skin.

Performing these surgeries then often required patients going to hospitals for these surgeries. However, upon Advanced Dermatology Care establishing an outpatient surgical Mohs lab, Rustad began performing his first out-patient Mohs skin cancer surgery at ADC i July 2000, and continues to offer this for his patients.

Most skin cancers are very treatable with early detection. Advanced Dermatology Care recommends regular skin cancer examinations for skin cancer prevention and to maintain healthy skin. For more information about Advanced Dermatology Care clinics visit