Stillwater father faces assault charge

A Stillwater father accused of hitting his 16-year-old son with brass knuckles during an argument last week faces a charge of second-degree assault in with a dangerous weapon.

Bobbi Joe Yates, made his initial appearance in 10th Judicial District Court following the May 21 incident, according to court documents.

Yates called the Stillwater Police Department and told officers that he heard his son was allegedly stealing from a local store when he should have been at a track meet, court documents said.

The son told officers that Yates was angry at him when he got home because he had taken his bike to school. Both Yates and his son admitted to fighting, but Yates is accused of striking his son with brass knuckles officers found in a stairwell behind the apartment door.

Second-degree assault is a felony with a maximum sentence of seven years and a fine up to $14,000.

Man faces terroristic threats charges

A St. Croix Beach man faces terroristic threat charges in connection with an apparent May 19 family dispute.

Court documents said Paul Richard Radmer was charged after an incident in which a grandmother went to Radmer’s home to pick up her grandchild at the request of the child’s mother, who claimed Radmer was intoxicated, upset and scaring the child.

When the grandmother picked up her grandchild, she alleges Radmer told her to tell her daughter never come home again because he was going to harm her.

The mother told Washington County Sheriff’s Office deputies that she was scared for her life.

Inmate gets year and day added to sentence

An Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights inmate was given and additional year and one day in jail after being found guilty of fourth-degree assault on a correction’s officers.

The man, identified in court documents as Decarieon Dupra Scurlock, was sentenced in connection with a June 17, 2012, incident. Court documents said Scurlock climbed on a toilet and sink as corrections officers were preparing to put Scurlock on quiet status. As officers moved items out of Scurlock’s cell, the inmate stood and pinned an officer between the wall and the door.

During an ensuing struggle, Scurlock hit officers in the knees then grabbed one by the throat and started to choke him. One officer suffered multiple abrasions and contusions on his right arm while the other had significant marks on his neck and suffered blood-borne pathogen exposure.

Scurlock later admitted he should have stayed on his knees and obeyed the officers’ orders.

Woman found guilty on drug charge

A Stillwater woman was given five years probation after being found guilty in 10th Judicial District Court of fifth-degree drug possession.

Court documents said Celeste Jean Hogetvedt was sentenced in connection with an Oct. 20 incident at her home.

Stillwater Police officers entered Hogetvedt’s residence with a search warrant as a woman came out of the bathroom after flushing the toilet. Officers found and tested one bindle and a subsequent search revealed two tablets and a purple plastic bag in Hogetvedt’s room that later tested positive for .02 grams of methamphetamine.

Inmates sentenced in assault case

Minnesota Correctional Facility-Stillwater inmates Damian John Heinkel and Jacob Andrew Curry were both sentenced recently in connection with an assault that occurred at the Bayport prison.

Heinkel and Curry were caught on prison surveillance cameras attacking a third inmate. The victim told officers he was hit from behind by the two men and ended up on the ground with Curry and Heinkel beating him. The victim suffered a right orbital fracture.

Heinkel and Curry were charged with third-degree aiding and abetting assault. A warrant was requested for Heinkel since his supervised release date is on July 4. Heinkel was given 15 consecutive months in prison with credit for 361 days served.
A warrant also was requested for Curry, who has an Aug. 5 supervised release date. He was given 15 consecutive months with credit for 366 days served and fined $50.