New business tumbles into town

New pre-K gym opens in Valley

Youngsters can participate in tumbling, balance beam and other movement exercises at KIDZ FIT & Tumbling that opens soon at its Omaha Avenue location in Oak Park Heights. (Submitted photos)

OAK PARK HEIGHTS — A new business has tumbled into the St. Croix Valley.
KIDZ FIT & Tumbling will be operating out of its new Omaha Avenue location soon.

Owner Theresa Whilhelmy has had gymnastics and tumbling background since she was in junior high school and went into gym ownership after she was injured in college.

“I just can’t get it out of my blood and honestly, it’s something that I just can’t give up on,” she said. “Kids these days don’t seem to have an outlet for doing physical activity.”

KIDZ FIT & Tumbling will have weekly tumbling (gymnastics) and mini-cheer classes. The facility will also be open for field trips, play dates and birthday parties. Free registration is available to those who sign up through June 15. Children can start as young as 16 months in parent-tot classes and participate up to 8 years old in beginner gymnastics.

Pricing per month is $39 for a 45-minute class once a week, while two 45-minute sessions a week costs $68. Classes are for boys and girls and range from parent-tot sessions to classes for older children. Birthday parties cost $125 and Whilhelmy plans open gym classes. Family discounts are also available. She added that she offers a free trial class to make sure kids will enjoy tumbling.

Equipment in the gym include a foam floor, several beams, a pre-school-size bar, spring boards and incline wedges, she also has a full-size beam and assures parents the activities are safe.

Other benefits she says tumbling affords children are social knowledge and development; small- and large-muscle coordination; hand-eye coordination; auditory factors, awareness, memory and perception; creative expression; imitation; distance, size and shape in space; gross and fine motor skills; listening skills, and group participation.

“Though my business isn’t all that new, I’ve been doing this for several years. I just truly have a love of children. With two children of my own and 30 nieces and nephews, the combination of gymnastics and working with kids is wonderful for me.”  Whilhelmy said.

Visit or check out their Facebook page KIDZ FIT & Tumbling for more information.