Juveniles face threat charges

SPD logo-1Two 15-year-old boys were detained Monday afternoon after threatening an off-duty sheriff’s deputy with a knife who had confronted the teenagers for walking in neighbor’s yards.

The off duty Ramsey County Sheriff’s deputy had told the two teens to get off the private property they’d been walking over. One of the teens who has had previous run-ins with the law before, reportedly became abrasive and argumentative.

The deputy then noticed the teenager clutching a knife in his pocket. The teen then allegedly yelled, “You don’t want any of this” at the deputy. Reports said the deputy didn’t want to provoke the teenagers further because other children were around, so he let them go and followed the two in his car.

Stillwater police officers arrived at the scene just off of Washington Avenue, and when officers identified themself one of the teenagers, they began to laugh and act strange, reaching into the backpack they were carrying.

One officer was attempting to arrest the other teen when the off-duty deputy shouted, “You know he has a knife, right.” The officer turned and saw one of the teenagers with a foot-long knife in his hand. It was then that other officers arrived on the scene, subdued the teenagers and transported them to jail.

One teenager faces charges of obstruction of justice with force and possible dangerous weapons and disorderly conduct. The other teen faces a charge of terroristic threats with a dangerous weapon.

Father arrested after domestic dispute

A Stillwater man was arrested for second-degree assault with brass knuckles against his 16-year-old son.

The man, identified in police reports as Bobbi Yates, was found by Stillwater Police officers responding to a May 21 incident leaving the apartment he shares with his son. Reports state that officers could smell alcohol on Yates’ breath.

Yates told officers that he heard from a friend his son was stealing from a local retail store when he should’ve been at a track meet. Yates said after he confronted his son about the allegation, the boy charged at him and tried to push him. Yates added that he pushed his son back with open hands on his shoulders.

The son told officers he came home from his track meet and found his father angry that he had taken his bike to school. The son was sent to his room, but said his father kept yelling at him.

The boy told officers when he confronted his father, Yates allegedly kicked him in left thigh. The boy said he retaliated, went back to his room and came back out when he heard his father calling the police.

When Yates allegedly told him, “You better back away boy,” the son punched his father in the mouth. The boy added that  Yates returned a punch wearing brass knuckles and continued to hit him as he fell to the ground, resulting in injuries.

Officers located the brass knuckles behind a fire door on a first-level stairwell outside the apartment. Yates was arrested and opted to speak with a lawyer while his son was released temporarily to a family friend.