Applicants sought for Water Board openings

stillwaterApplications are being accepted until mid-June for one volunteer opening for the Stillwater Board of Water Commissioners, city officials said.

Water Board commissioners are appointed by the City Council and meet at 9 a.m. the second Thursday of each month.

The Board of Water Commissioners is organized by City Code and is responsible for water and sewage system management and operation necessary for the proper sanitary, healthy and economical operation of the city waterworks. The board consists of three members who serve for three years.

Citizen involvement improves the quality and responsiveness of public decision-making. Serving as a member of a city board offers residents an excellent opportunity to become actively involved in their city government.

The Board of Water Commissioners welcomes citizens to share their talents and perspectives by serving on the Board. In exchange for your time and effort, this board influences the policies, actions and progress of our community.

Criteria for evaluation includes, but are not limited to personal and professional experience relating to the board’s subject area; knowledge of the community and city government, and experience from similar appointments. Application deadline is June 12
Applications are available at the Board of Water Commissioners offices and at City Hall. For more information, contact Robert Benson with the Water Board at 651-439-6231.