The Lord listens

“You listen, Lord, to the needs of the poor; you encourage them and hear their prayers.”— Psalms 10:17


We know in our heads, but do we know in our hearts, that we are to ask God for what we need?

We hear at our church services that turning to God and asking Him for whatever we need is the privilege of His children. But do we really believe that He hears us and desires to answer our prayers in a favorable manner? And how will we ever know if we don’t take the risk, step out in faith and say just such a prayer?

I was thinking as I went to bed last night that I would ask God for the fulfillment of a deep desire for someone in my life. When I awoke this morning, that thought was the first thing on my mind. And now the challenge before me is to pray for what I believe in my heart this person desires and begin thanking God, right this very moment, for the answer to my prayer.

For you see, we are to ask God for the deepest desire of our heart and then begin thanking Him for His generosity and faithfulness, even before we see the completion of the prayer. It is our trust in God’s goodness and benevolence, His desire to be in the center of our lives, that we are thanking Him for, as well as the answer to our prayer.

So let’s do it today. Let’s pray the deepest desire of our heart and trust that God hears our prayers and has every wish to answer them. Let’s each step out in faith and trust today that God hears the prayers of the poor.

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