Charges pending in Hope House drug incident

SPD logo-1            Charges are pending on the results of state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Lab tests of a substance that was turned in by a Hope House resident Tuesday.

“What happened is that he was walking up the hill found a couple of bags of this substance. The lab reports aren’t back yet. He brought the stuff up to his room and turned it into one of our staff and contacted us. We followed normal procedure and called police who took the resident down and took the bags. The UA (urine analysis) test on the guy was as clean as a whistle.” said Scott Zahren, Hope House director.

Police reports said the suspect was turned in by another Hope House resident who told staff the suspect intended to sell the substance in Minneapolis the next day if he found it was drugs.

The report adds that the suspect later told officers the same story, but said he decided not to sell the suspected drugs and turned them in. Police reports noted that the substance amount was 22 grams.

Some initial tests of the substances done by officers were positive, but other tests were negative and the suspect was released. The suspect was cooperative throughout the investigation, according to reports, telling officers he had used drugs in the past and had been to prison for possessing vials of trace residue. He was released from custody after the inconclusive tests.

“We’ll contact case managers and individual social workers to get to the bottom of it on our end. It’s not a situation where he got the drugs and sold them. What his thought process was, I’m not sure, but eventually he decided that it was better to turn the stuff in rather than do something that would get him in trouble,” Zahren said.

Man faces DWI charge in wreck

A Woodbury man was charged with driving under the influence after the vehicle he was driving struck a tree at an Oak Park Heights residence.

A woman reported the damaged tree late Tuesday morning. She told officers she heard a loud noise about 2:30 a.m. and discovered the tree toppled onto the sidewalk. She added that she saw a red car with its interior lights on, but could not tell how many people were in the vehicle.

The woman said the car left the scene with significant front-end damage.
Officers found a car matching the description at a Neal Avenue gas station. The driver, identified in a police report as Joshua Muckala, was arrested on a DWI charge after telling officers he had a hard time recalling where he had been driving but believed he had struck a tree somewhere.

High-heeled hit

High heels and a car are blamed for broken stairs at Smalley’s Caribbean Barbecue, according to the woman who hit the building with her vehicle Tuesday.

A Stillwater Police Department report said a 20-year-old Lakeland woman told officers that the shoes she was wearing caused her to hit her car’s gas pedal instead of the brake and strike the restaurant building Tuesday night.

According to reports, the woman was not impaired at the time of the crash and no one was injured. The woman has valid insurance and no citations were issued.