Synchronized swimming: Ponies top Forest Lake


FOREST LAKE — Stillwater extended its remarkable dual meet winning streak another year after topping Forest Lake 37-9 in Tuesday’s regular season finale.

The Ponies (4-0 East Metro Conference, 7-0) have won at least 173 consecutive dual meets dating back to the 1989 season.

“Forest Lake is typically the toughest competition in our conference and they did show some great routines,” Ponies coach Kathy Henderson said. “Our girls were really well prepared and were able to beat them in every category.”

Mariah Smith collected a victory in the solo competition with a score of 69.167 and joined Katie Koenning to prevail in the duet with a score of 69.667 — which was less than half a point in front of teammates Elise and Emily Adrian (69.33).

Koenning, Skyler Olson and Vessa Pearsall added a victory in the trio event with a score of 70.333 while the Adrian sisters joined Claire Haws to place second in the event at 67.833.

Stillwater enjoyed a nearly three-point margin of victory in the team event after receiving a score of 71.5.

“Overall, I’m so pleased with our results from the meet,” Henderson said. “I’m not positive, but I think we won by a larger margin than we have in years against Forest Lake. It is promising for our upcoming championships.”

It was also a nice primer for the Ponies as they prepare for the two remaining meets on the schedule.

“We also were able to enter some exhibition routines, so some of our younger girls were able to perform their routines as well,” Henderson said. “This was a great opportunity to perform in a judged setting to get ready for the section and state championships coming up in the next two weeks.”

l In figures competition on Tuesday, Forest Lake occupied the top three places to post a 22-7 victory over the Ponies. Cynthia Silva recorded Stillwater’s best score at 55.425, which landed her in fourth place.


Stillwater 37, Forest Lake 9

Solo — 1. Mariah Smith (St) 69.167; 2. Andrea Dunrud (FL) 68.5; Sami Sonnee (St) 62.0.

Duet — 1. Katie Koenning-Mariah Smith (St) 69.667; 2. Elise Adrian-Emily Adrian (St) 69.33; 3. Rachel Chatwin-Lindsey Grohn (FL) 64.33.

Trio — 1. Katie Koenning-Skyler Olson-Vessa Pearsall (St) 70.333; 2. Elise Adrian-Emily Adrian-Claire Haws (St) 67.833; 3. Stephanie Brenk-Rachel Chatwin-Andrea Dunrud (FL) 67.667.

Team — 1. Stillwater (Elise Adrian, Emily Adrian, Sophie Barnes, Claire Haws, Katie Koenning, Skyler Olson, Vessa Pearsall and Mariah Smith) 71.5; 2. Forest Lake, 68.75; Stillwater (Kaitlyn Burgess, Anna Koenning, Sonia Moran, Sophie Ogaard, Danielle Snow, Mamie Thrall, Minna Thrall and Grace Zimmer) 63.167; Stillwater (Mikaela Ackerson, Paige Green, Grace Gualtieri and Marietta Johns) 62.167.