Curriculum and STEM on board agendas

When the Independent School District 834 Board meets Thursday at Stillwater City Hall, the proceedings will be broadcast in cyberspace.

In addition to broadcasting board meetings on local access cable television, sessions will also be broadcast live on the district’s website, The site has archived videos, agendas, materials and board meeting minutes available for the public to view anytime.
The school district partnered with the city to provide the new web-streaming service. By sharing the service, the district and city are implementing web-streaming at half the cost to each organization.

“School board members are committed to engaging our community in important discussions about our schools and the learning experiences of our students,” said board chairwoman Kathy Buchholz. “Web-streaming our meetings is an important way for us to make our meetings more accessible, and hopefully, increase awareness of the
great things happening for our students now and our exciting plans for the future.”

“This is a great example of how we can team with government organizations to increase service and reduce costs for everyone,” added ISD 834 Superintendent Corey Lunn. “We’re excited to expand our partnership with the city of Stillwater and provide this important communication tool to all of our residents.”

The new web-streaming broadcasts of school board meetings is not the first time the district has used new technology at their meetings. Last month, board member Amy Burback used Skype and participated in a board meeting while she was at a business meeting in Arizona. The district got a legal opinion that Burback could use Skype to join the meeting as long as she could see and hear the board and the board could see and hear Burback.

The school board discusses a Social Studies curriculum update at its 5:45 p.m. learning session at the Stillwater Public Library. The board’s 7 p.m. business meeting at City Hall includes an appearance by St. Croix Valley Leo Club representative Emma Fischer and a discussion of the superintendent evaluation process. Malinda Lansfeldt will give an update on the STEM program.

The public is invited to attend both meetings.