God gives victory over sins, problems


A man called today and said, “I have many problems. How can I ever conquer them?”

The Bible says it is victory to “conquer problems/sins.” The Apostle Paul wrote, “Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (I Corinthians 15:57).

So let”s use the Bible term “being victorious.” We all need victory over besetting sins. We all have different temptations and trials but we all can experience victory, Joy and peace in Jesus Christ. The Bible is the book that anchors us to Jesus Christ. He is our Rock.

We have all seen floating markers in navigable lakes and waterways. These buoys are firmly anchored in strategic locations, and even though the waves splash around them, they float in their appointed places. The tides rise and fall, but the buoys are never carried away. When the great swells of the ocean come, buoys mount up and ride upon them as they cascade along. Often the mighty billows descend, submerging them for a moment. But immediately they rise to the top and bob back into their proper positions.

This is a picture of the believer’s conquering life. In God’s strength, he ascends with the buoyancy of faith over all spiritual opposition. The comforting power of the Holy Spirit gives that well-anchored soul victory although at times he is almost overwhelmed by the fretful sea of outward circumstances around him.

Dan Crawford, the successor to David Livingstone, carried a copy of the New Testament in the pocket of his jacket. At the time of his death, someone found the following verses penned on the flyleaf of that well-worn Book:

“I cannot do it alone! The waves dash fast and high; the fog comes chill around, and the light goes out in the sky. But I know that we two shall win in the end — Jesus and I. Coward and wayward and weak, I change with the changing sky; today so strong and brave, tomorrow too weak to fly. But He never gives up, so we two shall win — Jesus and I!”

You can live a conquering life — conquering problems and sin. You do this not in your own power, but the power of the mighty Creator God. The first step to victory is to come to the Savior, who has won the victory at the cross of Calvary.

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