Argument over money leads to arrest

A Stillwater man was a arrested for fifth-degree domestic assault in connection with an incident involving his 21-year-old daughter last Friday.

The girl’s mother called poliSPD logo-1ce and reported that the girl was allegedly being held hostage in the family home at knifepoint. The caller’s husband, identified in police reports as Olusegun Adebayo Osunlana, had allegedly sent the woman a text message saying he was going to kill their daughter if their girl left the residence. Reports said the daughter is living with her parents.

Officers attempted to contact the 21-year-old in the residence, according to a report. After a few unsuccessful attempts, officers reached the girl, who said her father was not allowing her to leave and he was next to her in the residence, the report said. She told officers she was in her bedroom and her father was in the kitchen and he wasn’t threatening her with a knife.

The report said the girl told her father the police needed to speak to him and let them come to the door. When officers entered the residence, they took Osunlana into custody.

The report added that while leaving the scene, Osunlana became agitated and demanded to know how he could be charged with assault if he didn’t hurt anybody.

During questioning, Osunlana told officers he forbade his daughter from going to a nightclub because he wasn’t satisfied with her grades at college, the report said.

But the daughter told officers she wasn’t currently attending college and was working to save money to go back to school and her grades were not an issue during incident, the report said. The daughter told officers her father was upset \because she wouldn’t loan him money for a vehicle he wanted to purchase at an auction, the report added.

The girl told officers she was concerned her father would have hit her if she tried leaving, the report said. Although the daughter was adamant nothing physical had occurred, she feared her father’s threats. She added that her father is currently unemployed.

Osunlana has been arrested for domestic assault in the past, but the charges had been dismissed. As of Tuesday, Osunlana remained in the Washington County Jail.

Teenagers cited
for underage drinking

Three 14-year-old girls — two from Stillwater and one from Coon Rapids — were cited for underage drinking after police broke up a house party last Friday evening.

A father of one of the girls picking up his daughter at her friend’s house on the 2800 block of Wildcrest Lane discovered the teenagers, along with others at the residence, were intoxicated and called police, a report said. He told officers that he saw one girl lying in a bathtub that had no water and she appeared to be passed out or unresponsive, the report added.

Officers entered the house and and found three juveniles apparently sleeping in a bedroom, the report said. Officers woke two of the three girls and questioned them while trying to awaken the third girl, the report added The third girl eventually woke up and became ill.

The teenagers were cleared of any medical issues by Lakeview EMS, but tests indicated that the youths were intoxicated with BAC levels of .13, .045 and .143 respectively. The youths were released to their parents.

Traffic stop results
in man’s arrest, release

A weekend traffic stop by Stillwater police for a broken tail light led to the arrest of a Stillwater man was arrested on obstruction, weapon possesion and drug paraphenalia charges.

The man, identified in police reports as Nikolos Alexander Stylos, was booked and released last Saturday night.

A police report said Stylos first caught patrol officers’ attention by allegedly going 55 mph in a 45 mph zone. After Stylos turned on his turn signal, the vehicle’s taillight showed white and police stopped Stylos over concerns about a possible broken taillight.

During the traffic, stop officers noticed a strong smell of unburned marijuana coming from the vehicle. Stylos told officers he had not been smoking, never had marijuana in the vehicle and gave officers permission to search the vehicle. During the search, officers found a vial that smelled like marijuana and an automatic knife.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office K9 units were called and Stylos was advised the dog would perform a narcotics search, the report said. Stylos then allegedly became belligerent, yelling at the officers and claiming he was being harrassed, the report said.

The WCSO dog hit on a couple areas of the car but no drugs were found in the vehicle. Stylos was arrested, booked and released.

Boat motors reported
stolen from storage facility

Two boat motors with a combined value of $3,000 were reported stolen from a storage facility at the 1700 block of Industrial Boulevard in Stillwater, according to Stillwater Police Department reports.

One stolen item was a Minnkota motor valued at $1,200. The other item was a Suzuki Motor valued at $1,800.

Compiled by Avery Cropp — [email protected]