Fresh Green Buck$ in White Bear Lake

A new Fresh Green Buck$ partnership was recently formed to include the White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf and the White Bear Lake Festival Foods, both serving residents of Washington County. Fresh Green Buck$ was developed to assist food shelves offer more fresh fruits and vegetables to their patrons.

Rick Ubel, Festival Foods Manager, is happy to be part of this program.

“We have worked with the food shelf for years supplying food bags, because it’s for a good cause. For that same reason, we are participating in Fresh Green Buck$ because it is a great program, and another opportunity for us to support the food shelf and our community.”

Grocery store customers who wish to donate to the program purchase a voucher at the grocery store along with their other groceries, and that money goes directly to the participating food shelf to buy fresh produce. A Fresh Green Buck$ donation can only be used for fresh produce, ensuring that food shelves have an assortment available for their customers, especially during winter months when Farmers Markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) are closed.

The agencies currently participating in Fresh Green Buck$ include:

  • Valley Outreach and River Market Community Co-op in Stillwater.
  • Hugo Good Neighbor Food Shelf and Festival Foods in Hugo.
  • White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf and Festival Foods in White Bear Lake.

Other food shelves in the county are very interested in starting this program for their clients and all that’s needed is a grocery store partner. Vouchers come in $5, $10 or $20 denominations, making it convenient for families to choose the amount to donate.

With this program, everyone wins:

  • Store customers are supporting other community members through the local food shelf.
  • Produce is purchased through the partner store.
  • Stores receive recognition for their participation.
  • Food shelf customers receive fresh produce all year.
  • Residents are healthier.

For more information, contact the Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment at 651-430-6655.