YA receives $2,000 grant for wellness effort

Youth Advantage was awarded a $2,000 health and wellness grant from Lakeview Hospital’s Community Benefit Grant to fund Youth Advantage’s Youth Activity Program.

Youth Advantage is a nonprofit organization serving children in the Independent School District 834 whose parents don’t have the means to engage their children into extracurricular activities in the areas of arts, athletics, and educational-enrichment. Serving the community since 2010, Youth Advantage has provided over 1,075 scholarships along with the necessary musical instruments and athletic equipment to qualifying youth to participate in extracurricular activities.

The health and wellness grant will be used to educate potential clients on benefits derived from having their children participating in extracurricular activities and to help cover the expense of the annual 40 percent growth in requests for our services of engaging children into athletic activities.

A mother recently wrote to Youth Advantage about how her family is affected by the organization. “I really appreciate the work you have done to help my boys participate in sports that would otherwise be out of our budget.  They have come away with life long memories and have learned so much through the programs offered to us by Youth Advantage. Thank you.”

“We are grateful that important community resources like Lakeview Hospital value the services Youth Advantage provides to low income families in our community to promote wellness for all kids,” added YA Executive Director Suzanne Block.

To learn more about Youth Advantage, visit www.youthadvantage.org, email [email protected], or call 651-342-1266. To learn more about Lakeview Health, visit www.lakeviewhealth.org.