Stonebridge staff member on leave

Move comes after co-workers report signs of possible intoxication

A Stonebridge Elementary School staff member is on an administrative leave of absence after other staff members reported signs of possible alcohol intoxication while she was on the job Tuesday.

According to a Stillwater Police Department report, other Stonebridge staff prevented the woman, from leaving school by confiscating her vehicle keys and keeping her there until officers arrived about 2:40 p.m. Tuesday. The report added that officers spoke with the staff member and noticed indicators of possible intoxication.

Commenting about the incident, Independent School District 834 spokeswoman Carissa Keister said in an email: “Data privacy prevents us from being able to share details related to this situation. I can tell you, however, that the employee has been placed on administrative leave of absence while the situation is further investigated and appropriate action is determined according to our drug alcohol policy (S.R. 1.7).”
The 35-year-old woman denied drinking during the day and told officers that any indication of intoxication would be from her drinking Monday night, according to the report.

The woman consented to a breathalyzer test which showed a .233 reading. When told of the reading, the woman said it was the result of residual effects, telling the officer that she “had gone to bed at midnight and hadn’t had a drink since,” the report said. She then allegedly said, “I may have a problem.”

The officer then advised the woman that a .233 BAC reading Tuesday afternoon from drinking Monday night indicates she has “a dangerously toxic level” of alcohol in her system at midnight, the report said.

The school principal and staff arranged for the woman to get a ride to her Dresser, Wis., home and would keep her vehicle secured on school property. The report noted that officers found what appeared to be an alleged bottle of alcohol in a bag in the back of her vehicle.

No charges were filed were against the woman.

Keister said the ISD 834 drug and alcohol policy, states: “The use of drugs for non-medical purposes, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited on school grounds or at activities sponsored by I.S.D. 834. Employees and students shall not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when performing any tasks related to roles as staff or student. Employees or students found to have violated this policy shall be subject to discipline afforded within guidelines of contract, related policy and due process. The rationale: A chemical, alcohol and tobacco free environment is expected for the maximum performance of students and staff.”