Man faces charges of animal cruelty, terroristic threats

An Afton man faces charges of terroristic threats, animal cruelty and domestic assault in connection with a March 14 incident.

The man, identified in court documents as Thomas Allen Disselkamp, allegedly strangled the family cat after threatening to hurt his wife.

Court documents said Disselkamp’s his wife told officers the couple had come home early from a concert because Disselkamp, who has a problem with alcohol, had become belligerent.

Disselkamp’s wife claims that he has been physically abusive in the past, punching, choking and threatening her with injury. She says she didn’t report it because she feared for her safety.

On the way home from the concert, she said, Disselkamp was verbally abusive. When arriving home, documents said, Disselkamp allegedly threatened his wife, at which point she went downstairs to get away from the situation.

Disselkamp followed his wife and argued with her, documents say. His wife said he allegedly started talking about the family cat and how one of their adult children might take the animal which made him angry.

After Disselkamp left the room the wife allegedly heard a screeching noise from the garage. Checking on the noise, she allegedly saw Disselkamp strangling the family cat. She then went to her in-law’s in Maplewood.

She told officers that Disselkamp had an unsecured firearm in the residence and after not getting a response from Disselkamp, officers got an arrest warrant for him for his own safety.

UPDATE: Disselkamp pleaded guilty to third-degree damage to property, a gross misdemeanor, and all other charges were dismissed.

Probation for burglar

A Stillwater man was placed on five years probation after being caught stealing cash from a Main Street Stillwater business in December.

The man, identified in court documents as Samuel Wolfgang Hernandez, was caught stealing cash from a boutique.  Records said witnesses in the area had observed Hernandez breaking in to the business with a piece of wood.

After trying to flee the scene by crawling on his belly toward an exit Hernandez was caught and was later positively identified by those witnesses.

According to court documents Hernandez had also admitted to Stillwater police that he had entered the business with the intent to steal money according to court documents. Hernandez also admitted to using drugs and having impulse control issues. Hernandez is currently on probation for burglary in Dakota County.

In addition to his five years of probation, Hernandez was ordered to serve 120 days in jail with credit for 84 days served, fined $200 plus surcharges or 20 hours of community work service within six months. He must not use drugs, submit to random drug testing and have a psychological evaluation.  He must also complete the offender recovery program upon his release from custody.