ISD 834 presents new teaching, learning model

SAISD 834 logoIndependent School District 834 officials presented a new modern and flexible teaching and learning model to the School Board Thursday night.

The plan, according to Executive Director of Secondary Schools Mike Redmond and Executive Director of Elementary Schools Mary Anderson, aims to create a modern system of curriculum and instruction within the new strategic plan. The new model provides flexibility to change and meet the needs of learners through professional development, assessment, curriculum and instructional practices while creating collaboration among teachers and administration.

“This plan is fluid and changes in response to the strategic plan,” Anderson said. “This model supports learning in schools and creates a systemic collaboration between teachers and administration in an effort to improve their craft.”

To do this, 46 current teachers will be named lead teachers next fall. They will take on additional responsibilities at no cost to the district and serve as resources and conduits between Redmond and Anderson and the administration. Lead teachers will help the district determine what’s working and what can change to improve student learning.

The first step is creating intentional connections between teachers to help with student learning. Second, the model creates new directions with help from specialists and leadership in curriculum and instruction and data technicians. Also, further support will extend to principals and others in various district departments.

Superintendent Corey Lunn said he believes the proposal is a good plan that brings more support into the school buildings going forward.

“We’re creating an instructional coaching model and we’ll have a licensed teacher work with the teachers on continuing important and effective practices,” Redmond said.
More support will be included throughout the new model which allows things to change if necessary.

“This new model allows us to create a greater connection with teachers in an ongoing manner. It’s not designed as a static thing, we’ll get ongoing feedback and will respond in partnership with the teachers.” Redmond said.

“What this will also do is allow us to listen better,” Anderson said. “The most important part of this plan is to listen.”