Thieves ‘shop’ in store lot

Customers of a local department store are being urged not to leave valuable items visible in their vehicles after several vehicle break-ins were reported in the store’s parking lot in the last two weeks.

Two more thefts from vehicles were reported at Herberger’s Monday. The latest thefts were the second and third incidents that occurred during the last two weeks. Vehicle windows were broken and items taken included a purse and a wallet. There are no witnesses and no suspects in the cases.

“My advice for customers is don’t leave anything in your car and visible, use common sense and be careful,” said store manager Michel Toussaint. “Don’t leave anything valuable out in your car. Put it in your trunk or take it with you. Just don’t tempt those with bad intentions.”

The other theft that occurred in the lot happened on March 7. Police reports state that bags of clothes, a trip itinerary and mail were reported missing from a car in the store parking lot.