Bridge marathon results released

Bridge marathon results released

The Lakeview Foundation bridge marathon recently finished play for the period ending March 15. Group leaders in this annual scholarship fundraiser now in its 50th season and the total points are:

Daytime Group A, eighth round
Carolyn Les and Mary Meineke, 25,210
Angie Orff and Barb Dahlke, 20,390
Sharon Parnell and May Jo Teed, 18,710
Marie Delahunt and Marie Olsen, 17,980

Daytime Group B, seventh round
Shirley Theissen and Gayle Lobitz, 16,970
Molly Anderson and Nordis Schrankler, 15,140
Mariam Calkins and Gretchen Turnblad, 14,060
Jane Baggott and Jenny Buchanan, 13,080
Evening Group I, seventh round, final standings
Lynn and Tom Foster, 22,580
Mariam and John Calkins, 17,780
Debbie and Steve Johnson, 14,430

Evening Group II, eighth round
Mary Meineke and Carolyn Les, 23,850
Angie Orff and Sandy Brown, 21,060
Diane Hawkins and Sidney Murphy, 19,460

Contact Barb Dahlke at 651-439-4162 for information about this community-wide program.