Man’s dispute with ex-girlfriend lands him fine, jail sentence

A St. Paul man was sentenced to almost three years in jail after being charged with a variety counts in connection with a May 21, 2012, incident in the 1100 block of Curve Crest Boulevard.

Court documents said Kenneth Hardin Jr. was arrested by Stillwater Police officers after Hardin’s ex-girlfriend called authorties to report an incident between the couple.

Court records said Hardin went to his ex-girlfriend’s home while she was there with her two children, one of which is Hardin’s. Despite a no-contact order against him, Hardin he asked to come in.

The woman refused and Hardin kept asking her for a ride to St. Paul. He also kept ringing the ex-girlfriend’s doorbell and complaining it was cold outside and aksed to be let him in. Due to the continued harassment, documents added that the woman agreed to drop a blanket out the front door after asking him to go stand by his car. After dropping the blanket, she locked the door.

Documents said Hardin became agitated at her refusal to drive him to St. Paul and threatened to kick in her door. Records added that Hardin kicked the door so hard it swung open, broke the door jam and put a hole in the wall behind the door.
Hardin then pushed the woman against a wall with both his hands and pinned her against a closet, according to court records. He used on hand to grasp her neck and choke her as he was holding her up against the closet saying, “You need to take me where I want to go.”

Documents said she agreed with his request to Hardin to release her, then grabbed her phone and called 911. Hardin then fled on foot. Both children in the home witnessed the incident.

Documents indicate that Hardin has a history of domestic violence with convictions for violating domestic abuse no contact orders, felony domestic assault in June 2010 in Ramsey County and felony domestic assault by strangulation in July 2008 in Ramsey County. He’s also been convicted of misdemeanor domestic assault in July 2007 and Gross misdemeanor 911 interference in December 2007.

The latest charges in this case include first-degree burglary and assault of a person on the property, domestic assault by strangulation, felony domestic assault and violating a no contact order.

Hardin was sentenced to 33 months in jail with credit for 288 days served and was fined $50 plus surcharges.

Woman found guilty of writing bad checks for cars

A West St. Paul Woman was sentenced to 40 days in jail and five years on probation after providing a written statement that acknowledges she offered checks to Cooper Motors and Floyd’s Automotive for cars knowing the checking account was closed.

Court documents said the incident at Cooper Motors occurred after the Stillwater Police Department received an anonymous tip that the woman, identified as Jessica Lynn Strand, was potentially going to issue a bad check at Cooper Motors. A dealership employee later called police saying they had received the same anonymous information. The salesperson added that Strand had said she wanted to buy a Lexus and police were informed when she arrived later that afternoon.

After writing a check for $9.670, officers contacted Strand and read her rights. Strand admitted writing the check from a closed TCF bank account and had passed a check for the same amount two weeks earlier to purchase a Cadillac Escalade from Floyd’s Automotive in Grant.

TCF bank personnel confirmed that the account used for the transactions was closed on May 5, 2007.

Strand must serve 40 days in jail with credit for one day served. Conditions of her probation are to pay a fine of $50 with surcharge fees within 6 months, provide a DNA sample, remain law abiding and complete intake for cognitive skills programming and cooperate with transfer of probation the her county of residence.