Youths of all colors need your help

African American History Month in February gave us the opportunity to celebrate, but it also reminded us of our responsibility to respond to the needs of waiting African-American youth every month of the year.

About 60 percent of the children under state guardianship are of color. The Minnesota Department of Human Services reports that in 2012, 16 percent of the 460 children adopted from the foster care system were African American. They waited on average 164 days longer for adoption than other children.

HOPE Adoption & Family Services is proud to partner with Minnesota to find families for Minnesota’s waiting children. We have always worked with all types of loving families, including single parent, same sex and low income. We have witnessed how a child can rise from difficult circumstances and grow up to unlock their potential, just like activist Sojourner Truth, Olympian Jesse Owens and astronaut Mae Jamison.

Contact HOPE to learn more about how you can help our state’s youth, including Minnesota’s waiting African-American children, find permanent and culturally competent families. Visit HOPE’s website at or give us a call to see if foster care adoption is right for your family: 651-439-2446.

Lorenzo Davis
Oak Park Heights