Man’s ‘poetic’ notes land him in trouble

SPD logo-1A 37-year-old Stillwater man’s “poetic” notes to a woman got him in to trouble March 4.

Stillwater Police reports said a woman called officers to report two alarming notes she’d received in the past month. The woman found a note on her vehicle in February asking if she wanted to be part of a 2014 calendar. The note also had a phone number. Deciding it was a joke, the woman didn’t report it to police.

Reports added that when the woman returned home in the early morning, she found two Beanie Babies with another note reading, “Fast, fun, furry, available 24 hours” followed by the same number left on the February note.

Police called the number and left a voice message. The man eventually called police and said he had left the note. The man lives in the same building as the woman and told officers he left the toys and the note because he thought she might need toys for her kids, but he denied leaving the earlier note.

He admitted he had been drinking when he left the note and liked to write “poetically”
Officers advised the man to stop writing notes and have no contact with the woman. He was apologetic and agreed.

Bags stolen from car in Herberger’s parking lot

Bags containing clothes, a trip itinerary and mail were reported missing from a car with smashed windows in the Herbergers parking lot March 7.

Stillwater Police reports said the driver’s side window of a store employee’s car was shattered and two bags sitting on the front seat that included a new jacket and black dress shoes were taken.

The victim also reported that some of her mail was taken. There are no suspects.