Victim stings teens, gets snowboard back

SPD logo-1Two Hudson, Wis., teenagers face gross misdemeanor theft charges after their attempt to sell a stolen snowboard online was foiled by the snowboard’s owner.

Stillwater Police Department assisted the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in the investigation and arrests of the 16-year-old and 17-year-old suspects when a man located his stolen snowboard for sale on Craigslist after it was taken from Afton Alps in February.

The victim, also from Hudson, asked police for help nabbing the thieves who where trying to sell his snowboard valued at more than $1,000 for $300.

After organizing an operation with police and deputies, the victim messaged the lister — one of the juveniles — saying that he wanted to meet the seller Feb. 25 at a Stillwater restaurant to buy the snowboard.

But because the first location was closed, the transaction location changed. After waiting an hour, officers believed the sellers were no-shows when the victim got another call from one the teens telling him they would meet him later because his hockey practice had gone long. At the new time, the group met outside the Freight House, where money and the board were exchanged and the juveniles arrested.

After officers got permission from the boys’ parents to speak with them, the teens admitted to stealing the board, according to a police report. The teens told officers they met a third unnamed teenager at a party earlier in the month, who asked the boys if they wanted to go through unlocked cars looking for items they could steal.

After not finding anything in vehicles, the two teens said they drove around Hudson and the Afton Alps area and noticed an unlocked truck with a snowboard inside. Both boys said the third teen took the board and they held on to it and agreed to sell it on Craigslist. The two boys added that they had lost touch with the third teenager from the party.