Saturday meeting leads to few changes in possible levy cuts

The Independent School District 834 Board made few changes Saturday to a list of $11 million in potential budget cuts if district voters fail to renew an operating levy this fall.

Meeting in a day-long workshop, the only change the board made to its proposed worst-case scenario budget cuts was eliminating a $15 fee increase for students on the free or reduced lunch plan who participate in activities. This amount was replaced with $10,000 less in insurance expenses for the general administration.

A couple of other minor changes were made in wording of two items. In music programming, the wording was changed to reducing the fifth through 12th-grade music program, instead of cutting the fifth- and sixth-grade orchestra. The board also decided to keep the option of eliminating the free, all-day kindergarten option and replace it with a paid, full-day option determined to cost between $2,900 and $3,500. How the music program reduction and kindergarten program changes could look will be determined at a later date.
More information on the variety of items discussed at the meeting can be found in Wednesday’s edition of the Gazette.

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